More Halloween Fun

Every year about this time, the stores present a display of Halloween costumes.

And every year about this time, The Captain has to try on the newest Halloween masks.

He has to try them all!

At EVERY store we stop in! We MUST make time to let him try on the masks!

We’ve already determined he’s a goofball.

This post is just to drive the point home.

(See, I told you his eyes are blue)

Not only does he try on the masks, but he has to play the part that the mask suggests. If it is a gorilla, he has to have the hands to go with it. A hunchback, he hunches over and limps along.

This is my first year blogging. And my first year that my camera HAS to go everywhere I go.

As soon as we came upon the masks and he grabbed the first one, I whipped out my camera and started snapping.

He then realized he has documentation of every mask he’s modeled. Now he has to see each picture as I take it.


The hard part is to cover up that darned tag that’s attached to it.

We have a lot of fun at Halloween.

Stick around, I’m sure they’ll be more masks to model!

9 comments on “More Halloween Fun

  1. I sure am happy that you got to see my crows. I like them a lot. And I think they are a pretty cool bird.

    I like the photos you have posted of the masks. They have some really spooky ones nowadays and some of them make me look several times as they look so real.

  2. I love it! Thanks for the fashion show. Sounds like the Captain truely is a big kid. Don’t ya just love it when adults have as much fun as the kids do. We use to have adult Halloween costume parties every year. I don’t know why we stopped, it was so much fun.

  3. What a goof. You know I had a huge collection of masks and costumes both adult and children alike that I collected over the years. However, one year when we were moving someone (a kindly helper) mistakenly took the whole bunch of them to Goodwill. We don’t know if the boxes got mixed up or what happened but I had sewn many of them and it was so sad that they were all gone. I only hope someone else got some good use from them.

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