The Path Leading Home

When I was a child…

I was scared of the dark.

I was scared of strange noises in the dark.

Scared of what may have been hiding under my bed.

Or in my closet.

I didn’t have a night light.

So on those long, dark nights, when I couldn’t sleep…

My imagination would get the better of me. Forget, going to the bathroom. I would hold it until my eyeballs floated.

Strange noises became creepy crawly creatures…

Or strangers…

Or big, hairy, one-eyed purple people eating monsters.

I couldn’t reach the light switch from my bed. And the thought of something grabbing my ankle as soon as I set my foot on the floor, terrified me.

I would try with all my might to stretch and reach it.

I’d throw things at it.

One time, I actually fell out of bed trying to reach the light switch. I’ll bet you have never seen anyone pick themself up off the floor and turn a light on as fast as I did that night!

 Unless, of course, you’ve done it yourself.

I remember jumping away from the bed and turning the light on as fast as I could. That would guarantee that whatever was hiding under my bed couldn’t grab my ankle the second my foot hit the floor.

I don’t exactly know why turning the light on changed things. I mean, if it was gonna get me, it was gonna get me with the light on or off. Right?

Did I expect to make eye contact with the big, hairy monster, in hopes that it would pity me and go away?

Or, did I think the light would scare it away?

There was just something about being able to see that eased my mind.

You know, it’s a funny thing…..

I have a passion for horror flicks.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

And haunted houses…

well, let’s just say, I’m the first in line.

Told you I was a little out of the ordinary.

I am one of those people who will, no matter how scared, cover myself up all the way to my eyeballs. I have to see what’s getting me, before that final breath of life.

Some people cover themselves completely. Hide under the covers.

Like the big, hairy monster doesn’t know you’re there.


Under the covers.

Where you can’t see it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my in-laws, who live next door. I was there a little too long and it got dark. I had to walk home.

Just as I got out of their porch light glow and into the darkness…a dog howled to the south of me. Then another from the east. Next thing I know there were about 6 dogs taking turns howling or barking.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Given the fact that it is now dark and cloudy and my eyes hadn’t adjusted at all, I couldn’t see anything, except the porch light at my house that seemed to be miles away.

There was a long spanse of darkness between my house and theirs. I turned back, took two steps and stopped again.

I’m not gonna go in there and call The Captain to come get me. They’ll all think I’m a big chicken.

I turned back around took a few more steps and the howling started to get to me. I stopped again, straining to see…… something.


I turned back around to go ask for a flashlight and my pride took hold of me again.

I turned around one more time, determined not to let anyone or anything back me down.

About halfway between the houses, in the darkest of dark, something moved in the brush to my left.

I couldn’t see what it was. I couldn’t see where it was or if it was moving toward me.

I freaked, a little.

Okay, I freaked a lot!

I was halfway and I could run in either direction. If I ran back, I would be hailed the chicken-in-law. If I ran forward, I could stop in the light of the porch, catch my breath and no one would know.

Provided, whatever it was in the brush could not out run me.

I chose the forward haul and because I’m sitting here writing this, you know that whatever it was in the dark, in the brush, did not out run me.

But, I will tell you that you are the only ones who know this little secret of how I got spooked on the path leading home.

I hate it when that happens!!!

Please don’t tell my in-laws! I’ll never live it down.

What about you?

Do you cover your eyes when you’re scared?


Puff out your chest and face it head on?


Run screaming into the night?

Are you like me….

Do you pull the covers up to your eyeballs and wait for the end to come?