Grass Clipping Mulch

If you collect your grass clippings, they are great to use in the garden to help keep the weeds at bay.

It also holds moisture in the soil. This is helpful if the area you live in is subject to drought conditions.


Once my plants come up, I place grass clipping around them.


I also put grass clipping in the areas between the rows.


I don’t have a collection system on my mower.

After I mow the lawn, I go back around, with the mower still running, and the grass discharge facing inward.

I keep going around and around until the grass clipping is in a pile in the middle of the yard.

Then, using a rake and wheel barrow, I transfer the clippings to the garden.

It’s a little extra work, but it saves time in the long run.

If you’re like me, every little bit counts when it comes to weed control.

As the grass decomposes it is also adding nutrients to the soil.

So what are you waiting for?

Grass clippings…

help with weed control,

hold in moisture,

add nutrients to the soil.

Maybe it’s time you thought about collecting those clippings and putting them to use.

Another thing about using grass clippings between the plants and rows is that it allows me to walk in the garden after a rain without sinking up to my ankles in mud.

And since it is easier to pull weeds when the ground is wet this comes in handy.

And we all know that no amount of prevention will keep all weeds out of the garden.


If you collect grass clippings it is best to put them on the garden as you collect.

But, if you have enough on the garden and need to put them in a pile to wait until you find a new spot that needs clipping cover,

remember these things….

little critters love to burrow in there for different reasons.

To make nests or use as shelters from storms or predators.

Also, snakes may lay eggs in there.

As the grass lays it gets really hot in there.

Actually it gets so hot that I must wear gloves to keep it from burning my hands.

And my hands are tough from years of yard/garden work.

So it makes sense that it would be a great place to incubate eggs.

Another thing to remember…

as the grass lays, it holds moisture, begins to heat up and compost.

Moisture plus heat means mold will begin to form.

I personally wear a mask while I move the clippings from the pile to the garden.

If there is no moisture and the mold has built up, when you move the grass, the mold spores float around in the air and if you’re not careful…straight into your lungs.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

After working in the garden I felt bad for several days until I finally figured out it was the mold spores I was breathing that was the cause.

Grass clippings are a great way to keep weeds at bay in your garden and flower beds.

You just need to be careful when working with them.




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