2016 Farm Photo 13

This aloe vera plant out does itself every year.


I have cut pieces off and made aloe vera salve.

I have cut many pieces off and gave to friends over the summer that had a little too much sun.

And still it thrives!

Happy Friday



6 comments on “2016 Farm Photo 13

  1. My sister and I were just talking about how her aloe vera needed thinning when I was down at her home last weekend. It’s almost crawling out of the pot as much as yours. I’ll probably help her divide it next time I’m down there for another wedding in October.

  2. You know my cats dug up a bunch of that aloe vera. I picked it all up and put it in a small empty trash can. A box was sat on top of it and I forgot about it. That is until a few months later I noticed it sticking out around the trash can. That stuff kept growing! It was almost white from not having sunlight. But even without water, soil or sunlight it kept growing. Amazing!

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