With Both Barrells

The Captain and I made a late evening trip to Wal-Martz around Christmas time.

While there, we ran into an old boss of mine and a friend of his. One of the few I really liked working with.

Now, if you know The Captain……well, er……he likes to talk. He’s never met a stranger and he can talk to anyone about anything.

So anyway, the boss introduced us to his friend. We stood around and talked a few minutes. Asked him a few technical questions. You get the drift.

Then we parted ways. You know, last minute Christmas shopping to do.

A little while later, we ran into the boss and friend again. And this time, The Captain and the friend found a common thread. They stood and talked video game stuff for atleast 20 minutes. While the boss and I racked our brain for things to talk about.

Finally, dragging The Captain away, we were off to finish up.

Except, for the fact that by this time I had to go to the restroom, really bad. So off I went, while The Captain waited.

While washing my hands in the restroom, I noticed, in the mirror, this huge zit on the tip of my nose.

Well, it wasn’t huge, but it might as well have been. I was mortified.

I had been standing there for over 20 minutes talking to my old boss and been introduced to someone with this zit on the end of my nose.

When I came out of that bathroom, I let The Captain have it with both barrells. How could you have let me walk around Wal-Martz, be introduced to someone new and stand and talk to my old boss with this, this, this thing on the end of my nose?!

All I got was “I’m sorry”.


I’m sorry.


It’s not like he tripped me or bumped into me.

He let me walk around for TWO HOURS WITH A ZIT ON THE END OF MY NOSE!

I will never forgive him for that. From now on, the person I was introduced to, will remember me as the girl with the zit on the end of her nose.

Yeah, he’s gonna be paying for that for a long while!