Still Looking For Me

A few years back we went to a rodeo in Edgemoor, South Carolina.

I have always been a rodeo fan, as is The Captain.

This particular year some friends went with us. Garfield and Gertrude and their two boys. And a young lady (Monkey), who is like a daughter to me.

The last event of the night is the bull riding. I am not a fan.

I don’t care to watch some wild eyed bull trying to rid himself of some wild eyed cowboy. The last thing I want to see is someone be gored or stomped to death.

We were sitting in the stands on the lower end of the arena when the children decided they needed a drink from the consession stand at the other end of the arena. Fine with me. It meant I didn’t have to sit on the edge of my seat worrying if someone would die or be injured.

The Captain, Garfield and one his boys, who was being punished for something or other that boys tend to do when they are not supposed to, stayed behind in the stands.

Gertrude, her oldest boy, Monkey, Boo and I started making our way to the consessions. During our walk we noticed a wayward bull in the arena. After the last ride, he was determined not to go back into the pen where he belonged.

“Oh,no, they’re not gonna strap me up again”, I’m sure were his thoughts.

He kept running around the arena avoiding the horses and rodeo clowns. But one thing I noticed is he kept coming back to the area we were and pacing the fence. Until a horse or clown caught his attention. He would run off through the arena, running along the fence, always coming back to my little entourage.

(FYI: we were walking about 75′ away from the fence, maybe more)

We rounded the end of the arena and the bull stuck his head through the fence on the opposite corner. Making the loudest, squalling bull noise I’ve ever heard.

The kids were mesmerised by this bull and his antics. They kept walking toward him. I picked up my pace and placed myself between Boo and Monkey. Just as the bull rared, bringing his head and front legs out of the fence.

Being around animals most of my life and knowing that with animals, anything can happen.

 I knew this bull was not backing up. Once they get their front half out, they follow through.

By this time, The Captain was out of his seat, knowing the bull was coming out of the fence. He was making his way toward us, all the while yelling for everyone to get higher up in the stands.

As he drug his hind quarters through the fence, I grabbed the hands of Boo and Monkey, turned them around and we took off. To our left was a little 8 x 10 building,  where they sell snow cones. We ran around the back to the door.

Now picture this…

It’s dark, except for the arena lights and a few well placed light poles. A little white, rectangular building. Boo, face first against the door on the back of the building, Monkey, smashed against Boo, and me, holding them there.

I could hear the crowd yelling.

I could hear the bull, making the sounds that bulls make when totally pissed off.

I could hear Gertrude calling her son’s name.

He was hiding and she couldn’t find him.

I began running around the sides of the building, trying to find the bull. He was out and I couldn’t see him. But I knew, from the sounds coming from him, that he was on the move.

First I went to the left.

No bull.

Then to the right, where we came from. Where I had a clear view of the fence he came out of.

No bull.


I ran back to the kids.

No bull.


Back to the left side of the building and here he came, about 30′ away, trotting, with his head held high.

I know he was looking for me. Since, bovine have a tendency to chase me.

I ran back to the door, pulled the kids back, opened the door and shoved Boo and Monkey inside. To the surprise of the lady selling the snow cones. Luckily, she was the only one in there. There wasn’t room for many. I silently thanked God that it wasn’t locked.

I came in behind them, followed by Gertrude and her son.

The kids were terrified and crying. I was trying to console them AND find out what happened to that bull.

Honestly, I was waiting for him to start headbutting that little building, turning it over, covering us with snow cone syrup and ice.

I guess I seen him before he caught wind of me again, cause he went trotting off into the night with his head held high.

I’m not sure if he was proud of himself for getting out of that arena or he had his head high trying to sniff me out.

I’m telling you, cows don’t like me.

Or, could they possibly be attracted to me, knowing how much I like animals, and just wanted to get a little closer, hoping for an ear scratch or something. I guess I could have ran off screaming into the night and led him away from everyone else, since it was me he was looking for. But, I’m not sure I could have out run him, no matter how scared I was.

All of this happened in just a matter of minutes. Or was it seconds?

No pictures.

I had a camera with me.

But flashing a light at a pissed off bull, who was trying to sniff me out, is not what I had in mind.

I never found out what happened to that bull.

For all I know, he could be roaming around Edgemoor…