Grandpa’s Shotgun

I have a cousin who is about 5 years older than me that lives in another state. 

When I was about 11 years old, she came to visit for a few weeks in the summer.

In agreement with our Grandparents, her bedroom was in the camper, just behind the house.

Let me fill you in about this cousin. She is beautiful.  Long, dark hair, dark eyes and beautifully tanned. A little older than me, she was into boys. I was just beginning to get curious.

Since I knew all the local boys, I introduced her to a few of them in the area. And I must say they were all, more than a little, smitten with her.

Remember, I am from the country. A small town in West Virginia. And so were the boys that, in a very short time, my cousin had wrapped around her finger.

On one particular night, she invited me to come over and stay with her in the camper. After arriving, she informed me that some of the boys were to visit later that night.

Our Grandparents went to bed with the chickens. They should be well asleep when the boys arrived.

She and I stayed inside the camper with the door locked. They stayed on the outside and we talked through an open window.

But they couldn’t talk quietly. The laughing and such woke our Grandmother.

Did I tell you the camper was right outside her bedroom window?

Grandmother woke Grandfather. I don’t know how long they were awake, but I knew they were awake when I heard the sound of my Grandfathers shotgun.

Talking about scared! Those boys took off running. Jumping the chain link fence, that surrounded my Grandparents yard, in one leap.

No climbing.

No stopping to open the gate.

They never missed a step. They ran, jumped and kept running. Oh, yeah, they had to jump the creek on the other side of the fence, too.

My Grandmother was more than a little upset with my cousin and I. And knowing this, I called my Mom to come get me first thing the next morning. I don’t know if anything was ever said to my cousin the next day. But we both found out that there is no messing around with the Grandparents, they mean business.

My Grandfather was a very quiet man. Sometimes I wonder if he went back to bed that night with a grin on his face. I’ll bet it tickled him, just a little, to see those boys running as if the devil himself were on their heels.

Come to think of it…

I don’t remember ever talking to any of those boys again.

I am still curious to know just how far they ran before they stopped to catch their breath.


9 comments on “Grandpa’s Shotgun

  1. That will be the Deer Hunter when the boys start coming around here! I bet your Grandfather did have a smile on his face-knowing he’d scared the beejeebies out of the boys!

  2. That’s one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a long time. I bet there were some wet trousers involved, too.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning… I needed it.


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