Planting Tomatoes 101

One of the main staples of my garden are tomato plants.

I will plant these if I plant nothing else. Which, by the way, has happened before.

If you are interested in planting tomatoes, I’ll show you how I plant tomatoes.

Not to say that you have to do it this way, but this is how I plant tomatoes.

So get on your garden clothes and lets go plant something.

Gather your planting supplies.

A hoe. A must have for all gardens.


A watering wand. Gotta have water when planting plants!


Tomato plants.


And this thing, whatever you call it.


And lotsa dirt.

First, decide where you want to plant the tomato plants.

Then dig a hole about twice the size of the plant. To give the roots plenty of room to spread out.


Fill the hole with water.


Add the tomato plant.


Here’s where it gets interesting. You want that hole deep enough that when you plant the tomato plant, the only thing left sticking out of the ground is the top of the plant. And water it again.

Like so….


Every part of that tomato that is within the soil will develop roots. Making the plant stronger.

I leave a trench around the plant to hold water. And here in the south that is important.

Then go wash your hands.


Because, once again, you forgot to put your gardening gloves on before you started digging in the dirt.


3 comments on “Planting Tomatoes 101

  1. Great!all the books about planting and soil are great but can b overwhelming.. this site us straightfoward and just the way I like it! Thanks

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