Some of the Things I Miss

For some reason, I have been getting all sentimental lately.

Possibly, because my youngest child just entered middle school. His first step towards independence.

Possibly, because my two oldest have started families of their own. Have homes of their own. Lives of their own. I don’t hear from them as much as before. They’re busy with work and childcare and adult friends of their own.

Possibly, because the other blogs I’m reading, have been writing about empty nests and children entering their first day of school.

Stop that! Your not helping me any!


just maybe,

it’s all those things combined.

 Making me think about all the things I miss.

Things I was too busy to stop and relish in the comfort of.

Things I took for granted.

I miss the carefree days of childhood. Riding bikes, climbing trees, catching frogs and crawdads, swimming…

As you can see, I wasn’t much for girl things. I was a tom-boy.

Still am.

I miss my best friend. She was more of a tom-boy than I. We learned from eachother. We got married, had children and went our seperate ways. I wonder how she is. I wonder if she misses me, too.

I miss my hometown back in West Virginia. I walked miles along the roads, railroad tracks and along the banks of the Elk River.

I miss my girlish figure. You know, the one before giving birth. Flat tummy, slim hips and firm muscles.

I miss when my kids were still toddling around. Following me everywhere I went. Couldn’t bear for me to be out of their sight.

I miss bear hugs and butterfly kisses.

I miss Mom and Dad. I spent a lot of time with them in the last year of their life. And I am glad I was able to. But I wish there had been more time. More memories.

These are just some of the things I miss.

What are some of the things you miss?