Experience Charleston, South Carolina

We had so much fun in Charleston, South Carolina, we had to go again. And I plan to go again. I like the beaches, the beauty and the history. This is a collection of posts I’ve written about our adventures in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thistles and Things

A collage.


South Carolina Aquarium

it’s hard to get good pictures in an acquarium, but we got a few.

Folly Beach in July

So far, it’s my favorite beach!

Barefoot and Stranded in Charleston, SC

What happened when I decided to buy a t-shirt in downtown Charleston.

Charleston Critters

Dedicated to the little critters I encountered while in Charleston.

A Walk Downtown, Charleston, SC

A few pictures I took while in downtown Charleston.

What Makes Me Smile, part XI

A place you must visit in Charleston.

Charleston 2008, Days Two and Three

Famous breakfast, flea market and The Market, downtown.

Charleston 2008, Day One, cont.

A few pictures of the campground. 


Charleston 2008, Day One

A blowout along the way.