When The Cow Jumped Over The Moon…

It was probably chasing me!

That’s right. Cows don’t like me.

They chase me.

See how that one is sizing me up? I took that last Sunday.

And notice, I am far away, on the OTHER side of the fence!

My first experience with cows was when I was 12 years old. My Mother, Grandmother and I flew to Missouri to visit some relatives who owned a dairy farm.

My cousin and I hit it off well. Everyday was a new adventure for me. To get to the swimming hole, we had to walk through the pasture.There were cows here there and yonder.  A few of them began walking toward us. My cousin, being around cows most of her life, began flapping a towel to deter them. Thank goodness!

A day or so later, we wandered down a dry creek bed to the neighbors dairy farm. Not long after crossing under the fence, the neighbor cows detected us. They began looking up, one at a time. They looked at eachother, then back at me and my cousin. Then began running full steam toward us.

Let me tell you…

I had never been so scared in my life!

I didn’t think twice. I didn’t know where I was in the great state of Missouri, but I knew where I came from.

I came from the safety of the other side of that fence.

I ran…

 like I never had before.

I ran…

 for my life!

I ran…

 off and left my cousin.

When I got to that fence, I didn’t stop to crawl under.

I dove under. I didn’t care if I ate those rocks I was diving head first into.

I didn’t care if the barbed wire fence scalped me or ripped my shirt off.

As long as I made it to the other side! 

Once I was safe on the other side of the fence, I stopped.

My heart was beating 90 miles a minute. It took a bit for me to catch my breath.

I then realized, my cousin hadn’t made it yet. I began to get worried. I started pacing the fence like a horse wanting on the other side.

She finally came running around a bend in the creek. Out of breath, but safe.

She said she’d never had those cows do that before, and she walked over there all the time.

Then when I was about 6 months pregnant with my last child, my Mother and Father-in-law had cows, here on the farm.

I’ll just say, I ended up jumping a fence to get away from a cow.

My Dad, back in his younger days, used to lead his cow with a halter and lead rope.

I’m not gonna get close enough to a cow to try to put a halter on one.

When my in-laws had the cows, they bought a bull to go along with them.

The owner said he was a big baby. You could do whatever you wanted with him.

That bull was huge. His name was Red. And The Captain handled him well.

I didn’t get anywhere near that bull.

Knowing my luck with cows, I probably would have tripped and fell trying to get outta his way and he would have plowed over me like a freight train.

No siree, I wasn’t gonna give it a chance.

Me and the cows…

We have a mutual agreement…

As long as I stay outta their pasture, they won’t chase me.

Sounds like a good deal to me!