Floating Barbie Head

We are getting geared up for Halloween here on the farm.

Plans are being made. Sawdust is flying. Paint is dripping.

The spooks are beginning to come out of storage. 

This will be a work in progress, up until the holiday itself.

This is my first decoration of the year.

It’s new, never before seen, here on the farm. Boo and Lady Bug helped me with this one.

I really like the floating Barbie head.

To make this I put down, in my fireplace, some orange lights, you could use red.

The I laid down some cotton batting and left some of the lights sticking out.

Then I laid down things like skulls, which I drilled holes into and pushed in some of the lights.

And a headless Barbie, some spiders, snakes and frogs.

I hung the Barbie head on the damper hook, to make it look like its floating.

There will be more hauntings going on in and outside, so be sure to stop by again.