I mentioned to you that I am fascinated with horror flicks.

This all started when I was a child. Not sure exactly what age, under 10, I know.

My Dad and I would stay up late on Saturday nights to watch “Chiller”.

Chiller usually had two short horror movies. In no way comparable to today’s horror flicks. But to a child, they were just as scary.

I would beg Dad to stay up and watch the movies I would not watch by myself.

He would take a nap in the late afternoon so he could stay up with me.

And he always had to set the mood.

Lights off.

Bowl of popcorn.

A cold drink.

And a blanket.

I always had to sit on his lap while watching those scary movies.

One time I brought a flashlight. Just in case.

Dad found that quite amusing.

The movies starred actors like Boris Karloff and Vincent Price.

Vampires, mummies and Frankenstein were the main characters.

It didn’t cause me to have bad dreams, that I remember.

The only bad dream I remember having, as a child, was spawned from a show called, “Gilligan’s Island”.

Of all shows to cause me to have nightmares!


I mean, how could Gilligan hurt anyone? Except himself?

It was the headhunters!

I dreamed head hunters were chasing me.

Now that’s terrifying!!!!

Today, I am still a fanatic with horror flicks.

My favorite being Thirteen Ghosts, Saw and numerous others.

I still love the classics, but horror movies have come a long way since “Chiller”!

Do you like horror flicks? And if so, what are your favorites?

Do you remember a movie causing you to have a nightmare?