Happy Halloween

 We can’t have Halloween without a jack-o-lantern!

We picked this one up at Cherry Place Farm when we went to their first ever Pumpkin Patch.

Boo picked it out himself.

This is Boo’s first time carving a jack-o-lantern by himself.

Just look at that indepth concentration.

Here’s the finished jack-o-lantern.

I think he did a great job for his first try!!!

He’s really proud of his creation.



Definitely Outdone

The Captain, while out driving for work, came across this Halloween yard.

And he held true to his promise that he would take me back to see it.

Please excuse some of the pictures. They are not clear for various reasons.

The purple on top of the house is a giant spider.

I lightened the picture a little so you could see it better.

This witch rose and fell into the cauldron.

I think this and the next are older decorations. I could be wrong. But I like them anyway.

They have a rather large cemetery in their front yard.

They definitely outdone me by a landslide.

That’s fine with me. I enjoy going to visit and see what other people have done for the holiday. It gives me ideas.

I didn’t get to do as much as usual. But my son, Boo, is happy with it and that’s what counts!

Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs, posted around the farm.

Only once a year, are people warned to stay out.

It’s really for their own well being.

Who knows what could happen on All Hallows Eve.

With all the noise and activity that goes on here in the month of October, it’s only fair that I warn the innocents.

Because once they enter, it may be too late to change one’s mind.

Take her for instance.

If she had paid attention to the signs,

instead of listening only to the muffled rants of her little sister….


She might have noticed the tree.