What Makes Me Smile

On this page is a collection of things that make me smile. I am always in search of something to make me smile. They say a cheerful heart is a happy heart. I crave a happy heart.

Browse around awhile, I know you’ll find something to make you smile, too!


Smile I – Daisies are my favorite flower.

Smile II – Love those Carolina blue skies!

Smile III – Sing, like no one’s listening.

Smile IV – Honeysuckle, my favorite scent.

Smile V – Clothes, drying on the clothes line.

Smile VI – I love my Family!

Smile VII – Me Time, it’s a must.

Smile VIII – Strawberry Shortcake, my favorite dessert.

Smile IX – Nails, I refuse to buy them.

Smile X – Orange, it’s bright, cheerful and my favorite color.

Smile XI – Krispy Kreme, hot and fresh.

Smile XII – Breakfast, made by The Captain.

Smile XIII – Involvment, in what I’m doing.

Smile XIV – Blue eyes.

Smile XV – Coming home.

Smile XVI – Goofy.

Smile XVII – A Campfire.

Smile XVIII – Team Fencepost.

Smile XIX – I can always find something to smile about.

Memories – they always bring smiles.

Uncle Pauley – Do you remember him?

Hen Party – It’s virtual.