Just Some Halloween Fun

This time of year everyone is talking about Autumn. How it’s much more comfortable without the hot, humid summer temperatures. Talking about the beautiful Fall colors as the leaves start changing.

And while I enjoy all those things, what’s on my mind is getting ready for Halloween.

I know, I know, I am starting a little early. I cannot contain my enthusiasm any longer!

I have been waiting six LONG months for this!

It’s time to get ready for Halloween!

I really enjoy decorating for Halloween.

My Christmas and Halloween decorations are competing for space.

Yes, I have that much Halloween stored away.

Doesn’t everybody?!

I don’t live in a neighborhood or even on a rural highway. The only people who see my spooky decorations are family or someone dropping in for a visit.

That’s okay.

Boo, The Captain and I have fun thinking up new things to make and display.

It’s probably a good thing that I live so far out. Cause if I had an audience to display for, I’d probably go broke every Halloween.

Have you been in Lowe’s lately?

They have this mechanical witch that I want, so bad I would give up food for a week, to have. I have already told The Captain that I want it for my birthday, which is in October.


she stirs a cauldron that has a built-in fog machine. She talks and cackles and has a microphone that you can use to surprise any unsuspecting individual who might happen by.

Yeah, I know she’s a little pricey. (sigh)

Actually, the manager of that department got me good. It was their first day having it displayed and they were having fun with it.

While Boo and I were standing there admiring all the Halloween decorations, the witch started making unusual noises. Boo commented that it may be broke. I walked over, listened and decided her batteries were wearing down.

I noticed a button on the part of the plate on which she stands. I was about to put my foot in there to turn it off. When, the witch informed me she wasn’t broken.

Uhhh, what?

I stepped back and looked her square in the eye.

Your not broken.

Ummm, did she just say she’s not broken?

I was waiting for her to say it again. She just groaned like her battery was low.

Okaaaay. What’s up with the witch?

I’m looking at Boo, he has the same confused look on his face as I do.

The witch?

Her expression never changed. She just stood there stirring her cauldron, all green and evil with eyeballs flashing at me.

When the department manager and another employee stepped from behind a shelf , grinning like jack-0-lanterns.

That’s when I found out about the microphone.

Oh, and it doesn’t have batteries, it has an electric cord.

So, if your in Lowe’s and the witch starts moaning and then starts talking directly to you…….

trust me, she’s not broken.

And her battery isn’t wearing down. Look around for an employee with a microphone and an evil grin.

They may be just having some Halloween fun with you.