My Next Silly Adventure

A friend and I used our lunch hour to run errands so we could spend our off time in the company of our families. Which is most important.

It was nothing for us to hit the bank and several stores during our lunch hour, and be back on time.

We would organize our errands as to where we each had to go. Usually, it was the same places. Which made it convenient.

We would clock out at the same time and head to the predetermined vehicle and set off on our mad dash.

She was a little taller than me, so I almost had to run to keep up with her. It was a fast walk to say the least. I was usually the silly one, so I kept her laughing all the way. Poking fun in one way or another.

One paticular day, I was feeling rather silly.

As we were pulling up to a fast food drive thru window.

I told her, “Hey, watch this!”

As we pulled up to the window, a young gentleman greeted her (she was driving this time) with a big smile. I took note of the name on his name tag.

After their short conversation about our order, I called out, “Hey, Charles, how are ya!” Like I knew him from somewhere.

He jumped right in there, “Hey, girl, how have you been doing?”

“I’ve been great, good to see you”, I answered.

As we pulled away, I called, “I’ll see ya later.”

My friend did not think this was particularly funny until I told her I had never seen that guy before and I had no idea who he was. I only knew his name from the nametag.

Then she got it!

Not exactly the laugh of the day, but I’ll bet he spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who the heck I was and where did he know me from.

I love doing silly things like that.

I have been known to put unusual things in a persons shopping cart when they’re not looking.

Another friend, who drove an old beat up car, while stopped at a traffic light and sitting next to an expensive car. Liked to roll down her window and get the attention of the other driver.

Then ask if they had any Grey Poupon.


Sometimes the other driver would laugh and other times they would stick their nose in the air and roll up their window. Which made it even funnier to my friend and whoever may be riding with her.

When my kids were small it was nothing for me to put a quarter in one of those machines with the horses or merry-go-rounds and jump on and ride around with them. Yes, it was silly. But the kids thought I was the best Mom in the world.

And the people passing by, would always smile.

I like to make people smile or laugh.

What kind of sillyness have you pulled?

Something on a whim that made people wonder or laugh?

Tell me about it!  I could use a good laugh!

I’d like to know there are other silly, on a whim, people out there.

Maybe I could use your idea on my next silly adventure.

If I do, I’ll write about it and let you know how it turned out.

And if you’ve ever had something strange show up in your shopping cart, it might have been me.

Got ya!