Makes Me Smile – Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of my favorite things to grow.

A few years ago (meaning before I went back to work), I grew sunflowers all over the farm. Anywhere I could find to scratch up a little dirt to drop a seed.

I have been known to just walk around the farm and randomly plant sunflower seeds and let God do his handywork.

I only planted a few seeds this year. This is the only one that grew.


I know it’s only one, but that’s what makes it special.

And why it makes me smile!

Happy Wednesday!

TFP ;)

Makes Me Smile – Pecans

Last year was a bust for our pecan harvest. Very few grew and very few fell.

So this year I’ve been hopeful. And it is not in vain!


And that is what is making me smile!

What’s making you smile?

Happy Wednesday!

TFP ;)

A Promise is a Promise

Back in the spring I promised to let you know how my new keyhole garden did this year.

I did great!!


Building this one in full sun made a big difference. It has produced more cucumbers than we can eat. And I only planted about 10 seeds.

I didn’t water it much. Didn’t really need to. Staying true to its claim it kept the soil well watered and fertilized.

It’s still going strong.


And the small one is doing just fine for the herbs planted there.


I even had a volunteer tomato come up that I just let grow and it provided me with a few tomatoes.


So, have you built a keyhole garden yet?

What are you waiting for ???

Happy Saturday!

TFP :)