Pie Totes

Lately I have picked back up my hobby of sewing.

I don’t know why I ever stopped. One thing I’ve recently discovered about myself is that I am not truly happy unless I am creating something. Whether it be with fabric, yarn or some other medium, I know that I am my most content when I am creating.

Anybody else out there feel the same?

My most recent creations are these pie totes.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

I haven’t really shopped for fabric in awhile.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

Other than looking for something specific.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

I had forgotten how many fabrics there are to choose from.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

And matching fabrics is only part of the fun.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

Once I pick out the fabrics, pay for them and get them home, I can hardly wait to get them washed and dried so I can get started sewing.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

I begin cutting, pinning and sewing as soon as I can.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

The suspense of the finished product keeps me motivated.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

Now I just need to find a craft fair to visit and hopefully sell them to support my “habit”.

Pie Tote

Pie Tote

These make great gifts. Just add a pie plate or a plate for cookies or snacks. These also make fantastic hostess gifts. Just add a desert or snack and see your hostess’ face light up.

If you are interested in ordering one of these or have another color theme you’d like to see, just let me know.

I have friends sending me special orders.

I will post more images soon.

So what is a hobby that you have picked back and and suddenly realized how much you have missed it?

Happy Saturday!

TFP  :)

Spring Project 2014

Hi there! Have you wondered where I’ve been? Since I returned to work I stay completely too busy. Too busy to write. Too busy to take pictures. Too busy to garden. Too busy for much of anything. Just enough time off to get the necessities completed.



But with this long weekend I took an extra day off. And during this extended time off work I was determined to work outside. If only for a little while each day. It is truly something I love to do so it doesn’t seem like work. I know some people abhor doing chores of that nature, but I do not. Yard work and gardening are very relaxing to me, not to mention rewarding. I know there are a few of you out there who agree.



Every year about this time I take on a new project. And it’s usually something I have mulled over and maybe studied throughout the winter.

I wanted to share with you this year’s spring project that I recently ran across on Pinterest. I know awhile back I warned against Pinterest and the whole copywright issue. I deleted my boards and swore off pinning another thing. But since then I have re-thought the whole Pinterest thing and have been happily pinning away. If you wonder what my interests are drop in on my boards and have a look around. There are so many good ideas out there!

So anyway, back to this sping’s project…..

Have you heard of a “Keyhole Garden”? I followed the links from Pinterest to this site. I was very intrigued after watching the videos. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me.

Oregano and chive garden beside keyhole garden.


You see my issue is that I have a compost pile that has long been neglected simply because I don’t have time to turn it and water it and move it. So I eventually stopped putting kitchen scraps there. It made me sad each time I dumped peelings or scraps in the trash because I know how beneficial they could be to my garden. Keyhole gardening takes all the work out of composting and still leaves the benefits of the “black gold”.

This year I started with a small keyhole garden. It will eventually be an herb keyhole garden but because I am “very” late with my planting this year I will be using it for cucumber and maybe a companion plant or two.

Keyhole garden


At first I had two small herb beds. One of them has oregano and chives, both of which are perennials. So that bed is established. But the second herb bed did not have perennials. This is where I dug up and built the small keyhole garden with the help of The Captain and Boo.

And by the way, after the videos I “forced” them to watch, they also became intrigued.

Keyhole garden wall made from brick.


It is very inexpensive if you have things lying around that you could use, such as the post, the fencing and the brick that I used to build mine with. The only expense that I had was the garden soil. I know, there is dirt all around, but you must remember that I live in flat country and I didn’t just want to dig a hole and leave it for someone to fall into.

My small keyhole garden.


I’ll be sure to post images of it as the season advances and let you know how it is working for me. But I honestly don’t see how it could not be successful. At the end of the season I’ll let you know the pros and cons I may experience.

So tell me…..

Have you heard of the “Keyhole Garden”?

And if so, have you created one?

How did it turn out for you?

Let us know in the comments.

My readers and I would love to know!!

Happy Tuesday!

TFP ;)

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering my keyhole garden is about 3′ from center all the way around and I used about 100 bricks.

Fireplace Swag

About 3 years ago I created this swag to hang over my fireplace to add a little more decoration at Christmas time.


Sorry for the image quality!

I liked the swag so much that I left it there all winter and into the summer when I decided it was too Christmasy and put it away.

I had seen this idea somewhere and loved it so I had to recreate it.

I already had plenty of red and green fabric and a spool of mop string so I began ripping fabric into about 6″ strips.


The tying them with an overhand knot to a length of mop string with a loop on each end that was measured to fit my fireplace.

Somewhere I had bought this string that had cute little knit caps hanging from it.


So I got the bright idea to hold it alongside the mop string and tie the fabric strips around it too.


It’s really adorable and I love it hanging there giving the fireplace a pop of color during the Christmas holiday, besides just the stockings hanging there.

Next year I’ll probably find a strand of white lights to blend in to brighten it up even more.

Because I tire of it about the time spring rolls around I have decided to make another for winter.


This one is mostly blues, whites, yellows, brown, and black with a little offwhite and red mixed in.


As you can see I also incorporated some blue lights among the fabric strips.


I really like it hanging there with the cutting board chalk board I made.

I’m thinking this spring I will make one for spring/summer and then another for fall.

I’m really looking forward to the fall colors (oranges, browns, reds, yellows……).

This way I can change it out for the seasons and I’ll never tire of any one swag.

I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to each season’s change.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not that I get much time for crafting, but this was a quick creation that I could put down and pick up when I had a minute or two.

What have you been up to?

Happy Monday!!

TFP  :)