Let Him Do His Work

Hi there, Fencepost Friends!

I just wanted to drop in and give you a word of encouragement.

I know that on the surface things look bleak here in the USA. Turmoil is putting it lightly.

I feel it too.

Not knowing from one day to the next what to do or not do really wears me down at times.

I am one of those who like to have control of the things around me. Not a controlling person per se but I like to know whether to stay still, back up or in which direction to turn. I like to have a clear understanding of a situation. But for months now we have all been standing still, waiting to know what our next step should be.

I guess I could consider myself a leader. A leader for those closest to me. They ask my opinion and/or look to me for guidance. I’m not the most experienced or wisest person and sometimes I’m afraid to make a decision because I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. I expect most everyone may feel that way at times.

My Dad was my go to person for help with these things. He always seemed to help me come up with the best solution for whatever my current situation was. He is no longer here so I must rely on my own intuition. I like to think that I learned a thing or two from him and I use those things to help my decision making and to help those around me.

But dang, sometimes I just wish I could call him.

We are all stressed about the current state of the USA. Not knowing what the future holds is exhausting.

This virus.

Economic instability.

Food shortages.


Financial instability.

All of that and more.

But if there is one thing that I learned from my Dad and my Mom for that matter, it is to trust God!

We are at war. Good vs. Evil. Good will prevail. It always does. We may have to hunker down and endure for a bit. But have faith that God will prevail.

He has to bring some things to light. Let the evil show itself for those in denial to see and understand.

It will be bad.

It will be beyond comprehension.

It will shock those in denial. They won’t be able to accept it.

But God says it needs to stop now!

What God needs us to do is pray, have faith and get out of His way and let Him get on with His work.

When this is evil is brought out into the light, God will need us to be strong for those who cannot accept what they are seeing.

The world is holding it’s breath in anticipation of what happens in the USA. They depend on the strength of the USA.

While we are at a stand still let’s stop holding our breath and put on the full armor of God, find our faith, keep praying like never before and get prepared for those that will need to lean on those that have God’s strength.

Pray for the USA!

Pray for the world!

And above all else stay calm and trust God’s plan! He knows what he’s doing!!

Happy Monday TFP


Battle Cry

If anyone is still subscribed or still reading Twisted Fencepost I don’t really know why I’m here typing away. It’s been so long (2018) since I have posted anything here. Believe me I have missed it. I have missed catching up with all my online friends.

Although some of you do follow other social media sites of which I am also a part of and I thoroughly enjoy seeing little snippets of your world.

What has it come to that we only have time to record small snippets of our life? That’s the way it is for me anyway. I don’t take near as many pictures as I did before. And one day I know I’ll regret that because it captures memories, it captures happiness, it captures beauty….I could go on.

Today I’m taking a defiant stand to get my camera (the rabbit) out and charge the battery. Then take a walk around the farm, just like I used to do before work took me away from the time I had to do the things I enjoyed the most. Like capturing moments in time.

But honestly that is not why I am here typing away today. Just know that I miss each and everyone of my online friends. And I have regrets that I wasn’t able to keep in touch with those who have passed on. God bless their soul.

The reason I am here is that I feel as if God wants me to type a message. I’m not really sure who will be reading this. But if God wants me to type then surely He already has someone in mind.

So, if you are reading this then you could possibly be the one it was meant for. Be blessed.

So here we go….

These are uncertain times we live in. So many things have changed since March 2020. Covid-19 supposed pandemic, masks in public, the isolation that so many have been experiencing, food shortages, raging fires on the west coast, major storms in the mid-west taking out our food supplies, hurricanes in the south, early snow in the north and for the east coast it’s looking like we may be in for a very active hurricane season. All of you are on my heart and in my prayers. And above all of those things there are protests among other things taking place all across our country. I won’t go into any details about this or my opinion. We all know the details and we have our own opinions.

Although I will say that we need to bring God back into our country.

Into our homes.

Into our lives.

Into our hearts.

Our battle cry should be to pray like never before.

Pray for our country.

Pray for our government.

Pray for our children.

Pray for the lost souls.

Pray for those who are being lead to get messages from God out into the world.

I feel like big things are taking place or about to take place in the spiritual world. Big, big things. I have a stirring in my soul that I cannot explain. Maybe you feel it too.

I could give you my opinion on the possible events but that would just be speculation. There is no way to know for sure, but the stage is being set.

And like you, I am excited about what it could be. I am scared of what it might me. I am confused about what I need to be doing.

So I pray and ask for guidance, wisdom, understanding, discernment, clarity and any other word I can come up with to help me prepare for the not so distant future.

The coming election result could be the death of our country and our freedom as we know it. This worries me. I will be voting on Nov. 3rd and praying throughout the day. I hope that you will also vote and join me in prayer on Nov. 3rd. The United States of America is the greatest county in the world. Built on Christian doctrine with God leading us. Help me pray that God will return and help the USA get back on her feet.

The world is in a spiritual battle. Good vs. Evil. And I believe that God is calling his children.

Evil cannot win this battle.

But we need God for the good to prevail.

The current events have brought the USA to her knees. And maybe that’s for a reason. While we are down there maybe God is asking us to search our hearts and pray. Ask his forgiveness and ask him to once again lead our great county. Talk to him. Listen to him. Know his heart. Become one with a common goal.

I don’t want God to be saddened with the fact that we have made our choices and now we must suffer the consequences of those choices. He did give us free will but he did not give us freedom from the consequences of our choices.

Now that I have typed all of that…

If you do not know Jesus as your saviour and you would like to receive God into your heart please keep reading.

Will you acknowledge and ask for forgiveness of your sins?

Do you believe with all of your heart, soul and mind that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and was resurrected 3 days later?

If the answer to those 2 questions is yes, then speak aloud the words below.

Dear Lord Jesus,

I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.

If you spoke those words, Welcome to the kingdom of God! Keep your eyes on Him and watch him work in your life. Now you will start noticing things around you and realize “That’s HIM!”

Please join us in praying for our country, our world, our family, our government and those around you that may have not yet taken that leap of faith and accepted God into their heart.

God bless us all!

Happy Friday! TFP

Snow Day!

Hi y’all!

It’s a snow day here in the south. I know that to you folks in the north it’s just another wet, muddy miserable day.

But to the south it means a play day. .

People searching for things to ride in the snow. Things like plastic sleds for the little ones and ATV’s for the big kids, snow angels and hoping for enough snow to make a snowman.

And it also means lots and lots of hot chocolate.

For me it means hanging around the house with a roaring fire and soup.

Ever since Old Man Winter made his entrance I have been craving Klutzy Mama’s Tater Soup.

Seriously, it’s my favorite tater soup recipe. Y’all should try it sometime! But wait till it’s cold outside and your looking for that perfect comfort food. You won’t regret it.

I promise!

So, what is your favorite snow day recipe?

Please share!

Happy Wednesday Snow Day!