Charleston Trees

 I am fascinated with trees, as you can tell from this post.

The tree pictures in this post were all taken in Charleston, South Carolina.

Crepe Myrtle in full bloom.

 The following are Palmettos, taken at James Island County Park Campground.

This one was too tall to get a full up close picture. So I took one of the top and one of the bottom.

A row of Pamettos line the drive as you enter James Island County Park.

This one wasn’t at the park, but I thought is was beautiful.

I like the way the Live Oaks and the Spanish Moss hang in a canopy over the roadways.


A couple of close up shots of Spanish Moss.

I wonder how old this Palemtto is?

If only the trees could talk…

Would they tell you about their first hand memories of the Civil War?