Greetings From Frankie

I started this last Halloween, but didn’t get it finished. I packed it away with all the other Halloween spooky things. I ran across it the other day and finished it up. Here’s our next, never before seen, here on the farm, Halloween spook.

Meet Frankie…


Boo and I have created him from plastic canvas, yarn, a yardstick, and a brick.

This picture makes him look taller than he actually is. He’s only 2.5′ tall. I stood him on the top of a post to take the picture.

In this book is where I found the pattern.

Hopefully, by next Halloween I’ll have the witch completed. Maybe.

I’m gonna soon start making the turkey, so I’ll have him for Thanksgiving.

I hope Boo is ready to do some more stitching. Of course, he won’t work on this while anyone is around. It’s not cool for a boy to have a needle and thread in hand.

He will brag that he helped but won’t be caught dead helping.