Talk About High Stress

A couple of months ago, my son came home telling me a friend had recently joined the wrestling team at school. And this friend was telling him that he should also join.

Knowing that wrestling practice had already begun, I told him to speak with the coach asking if he could still join.

I wasn’t going to do it for him. If he really wanted to do this he had to take the initiative and get all the information he needed. And just between you and me, I was hoping that he didn’t want this bad enough to take the initiative or it would be too late to join.

If you’ve ever watched a wrestling match you understand where I’m coming from. If not, keep reading.

So he comes home one friday and says that the coach says it’s too late but for him he’ll make an exception, but….

He has to have a sports physical and his hair cut before monday.

Oh well, so much for hoping, right?

So I get on the phone and saturday morning we get the physical and the hair cut.

And speaking of physical…

Have you ever watched a wrestling match???

These kids really go at it hard.

Boo isn’t in the above picture, I’m only showing this one, because it is what most of my pictures come out looking like. It’s really hard to get “good” pics inside a gymnasium to start off with, and then they are constantly moving, making the pictures blur like this.

Here’s our mascot, The Wildcat.

Here’s Boo scoping out the competition.

His skin really isn’t that red, it’s just hard to get good pics. The lighting is just not agreeable.

It usually starts out something like this…..

And then it may go into something like this…..

You have no idea how hard this is to watch.

Well, maybe you do. I’m just saying…..

The mama in me wants to run out there and grab that kid by his feet and drag him off my son and give him a good talking to or a slap on the wrist making it clear that this is in no way an acceptable way to be handling my child.

But I can’t.

So I keep myself busy snapping pictures……..constantly.

Just as fast as the shutter will shuffle. Only pausing long enough to yell out an encouraging word.

Which has proven to be an asset.

Because Boo can go back and see his mistakes that I’ve captured via “The Rabbit”.

As if I don’t have enough stress already.

Once a week and sometimes twice, I go , I watch, I cheer, I snap, all the while on the verge of an anxiety attack.

But honestly, when I was his age, had they offered a girls wrestling team, I would so have been all up in that.

See, I was scrappy when I was young.

So I guess he comes by it honestly.

Going back to the yelling thing…..

A couple of weeks ago we spent most of a saturday at a wrestling tournament, if you follow me on Facebook you probably saw the updates about how Boo was doing in the tournament.

If someone I knew was wrestling, (Boo, for instance) I was yelling encouraging words. I happened to notice that a lady sitting across the walkway from me was watching (read : staring) at me. During the whole day sitting there, I never noticed her yelling for anyone. It made me wonder…..

Surely she was there for the same reason as I….to watch some teenager that she knows get tangled up with another teenager on a wrestling mat.

And if so…..

Why didn’t she yell encouraging words?

Did she think I was crazy for yelling?

Well, I really didn’t care if she thought I was crazy. I was gonna encourage my team in any way that I could.

It was an all day event that wouldn’t end until the last wrestlers had won their place in the state championship competitions. There were five matches on five mats going at all times until the very end.

People really get wound up tight during these matches. I watched one father who was seated about halfway up the bleachers when his son took his place on the mat. Taking a few steps at a time by the time the match was over the father was on the floor beside the mat.

We have to encourage our children to do the best they can. We have to be behind them with whatever they attempt.

Even if it means yelling from the sidelines.

No matter how much we worry they will get hurt.

And when they fail to win, we have to be there telling them they did a great job.

So if you happen to call me, and I can hardly speak , it’s because I’m hoarse from yelling encouraging words at my son and his team from the sidelines of a gymnasium wrestling mat.


A hoarse, worried mom of a wrestling teenager



10 comments on “Talk About High Stress

  1. Good Golly! You are a good Mama for supporting your boy and for keeping your hands busy with the camera so you would pinch the ears off of his opponents! I feel your pain.

  2. I was my kids’ cheerleader for several years (swimming, Little League baseball, PeeWee football, softball – for YEARS, basketball, volleyball, soccer). Now I’m cheerleader for the grands (mostly dirt track racing). Interesting that you said you would have wrestled if given the chance. Our daughter came home from middle school years ago announcing that several of the girls in her class wanted to wrestle, she being one of them. Her dad just looked at her and said, “No, that isn’t happening.” It was one of those rare times that he ever told her no.

  3. I would love to see Boo wrestle it just always seems to fall when I’m at school or work. I know that I will have my hands over my mouth or hiding my eyes the entire time! tee hee

  4. Becky I hear you on the mom anxiety thing. My son did not wrestle but played football. Every time I watched him under a pile of beefy kids I would have to restrain myself from running out there with a ice pack and a Bandaide. Stinks doesn’t it? I agree with the yelling so the kids know that they are supported at the same time I remember some mothers being so hard on their kids that the kids told them to shut up. So I guess support and encouragement are the real key in yelling, not blasting them from the stands which a lot of people have done.

  5. My boyfriend all through high school was on the wrestling team and it was very physical. I think it’s great to yell and scream for your kids. I’m sure that mine will get to the point where they wish I’d just shut up, but too bad, that’s one of the perks of being the parent! 🙂

  6. I watched HL “spar” in her jujitsu class. She is one of 2 women in an all male group. she is 5 ft short, small framed, and maybe 11o pounds, but she is a little scrappy too. I did what you do, snap pictures but then instead of yelling I quit breathing and held my breath. Kids don’t know they can get here.

  7. I am the same way when Monkey is on the dirt track. I yell for her the whole while I’m pacing in circles and holding my breathe. I tried taking pics but I shake so much while she is out there. I was so hoping that her college classes would be so full and busy this year that my heart wouldn’t be in my throat as much but oh well guess that will never happen. Watching Boo wrestle has been so exciting but I think I cringe everytime someones arm goes a way I didn’t know it could bend or a slam looks like it really hurt. But it is really exciting and I look forward to seeing more of his matches!!!

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