Smile – A Win

This week what is making me smile is Boo’s first win.

Yeah, we went to the tournament a couple of weeks ago, and he won one match by default and another by a pin.

But he wasn’t really ready for that tournament. His first match he went up against one of the best in his class.

He lost, but the other kid really had to work to get that win.

Last week he won his wrestle off which determines who will be the starter for the week’s match.

And he lost. It was a big disappointment for him because it was his first time as starter.

But he more than made up for it this week.

The school they were wrestling was a rival team that beat them last year and the team needed to  take back the win this year.

His class wrestles last and the team was losing by points to the other team.

So all the pressure was on Boo to win his match.

As the match wore on the tension rose as the two teams and the cheering section (the parents) watched with anticipation of who will win this match and determine which team would win.

After a long intense match he won giving the team the points they needed to win for their school.

The score was 33 to 30.

One of the other mother’s put it into words saying, “It was just like a t.v. show”.

He was the hero of the day.

It makes me happy to see one of my children beaming with pride for a job well done.

And that makes me smile!!!

So what’s making you smile this week?

Happy Thursday,