Big As A Century!

Some time ago my Mother-in-law and I were discussing our weight when we were younger as we were looking at pictures from her past.

We were wishing we were still the same size as when we first married. And she stated that I wasn’t “big as a minute”.

For some reason this came to my mind just the other day. Who knows why. Maybe it was just after stepping off the bathroom scale with a look of disgust and a sigh.

But it got me to thinking that if I am no longer “not big as a minute”, then just how big am I?

An hour?






Hmmmmm, I wonder.

I weighed the same for years, 115 lbs., give or take a few pounds for carrying around children for nine months.

I actually wore out clothes. Holey knees in jeans became cut off shorts. Patches appeared where the seat of the pants used to be.

Now, I have plastic totes packed away with the size of the clothing stored within written on the outside of the tote. Inside that tote are clothes that are practically brand new. No patches or worn spots and no cut off jean shorts.

If I were to go by the size guesses from above, (hour, day, week), and compare it to the size of clothing I have stored away because as I “grew” they were packed away, I guess I’d have to say “century”.

Then I thought to myself….

OH MY GOSH, I’m “as big as a century”!!!

How in the *%$# did I let myself go from being “not as big as a minute” to being “as big as a century”?????

And what am I going to do about it???

I know that others don’t see me the way I see myself but the point is that this is the way I see myself and I am not happy with what I see.

Back in September, my husband saw the infomertial (is that spelled right??) for Zumba fitness and knowing I had been looking for a way to drop my weight and get myself back in shape, he suggested that I start the Zumba fitness program. So after a month or so of coaxing, I finally agreed to order the Zumba fitness DVD collection.

Because you know I wasn’t going to go to a Zumba class with “other” people. Who wants to watch someone “as big as a century” dance around???

Anyway, it wasn’t happening.

So, in November I received the Zumba fitness that I reluctantly ordered and began dancing around my den in the Zumba fashion.

I watched the DVD’s and showed them to friends. Most of them were not  impressed with it. Maybe they are waiting to see how it transforms this “big as a century” body of mine.

Something that The Captain pointed out to me was that before I met him I danced a lot. Well, usually only one time a week and usually on Saturday night. But that one night I would easily burn off 5,000 calories.

And I realized he was right and that maybe dancing the Zumba way might just be the answer I was looking for.

It’s been two months now, and if you think I’m gonna post a picture of the new me in a bikini…..


not on your life!

Mainly, because there is no “new me”.


 I lost 10 lbs, within the first two weeks. I may have lost more had I did Zumba more than three times per week. But I didn’t want to over do it right off the bat and end up with more problems.

I haven’t lost any more weight,


I am not discouraged.

I can feel the muscles tightening up, actually I can feel the muscles working during everyday activities with something as simple as walking.

Also, I have a problem with one of my knees hurting with almost every step I take. But since starting the program I am finding that my knee is getting better all the time. Possibly because I am strengthening the muscles around the knee.

Even though I am not losing weight right now, I know that I am building muscle, which weighs more than fat. I am getting smaller in places like the mid-section and the saddlebags.

Eventually, the weight will start dropping again.

I don’t plan to ever be “not big as a minute” again.

And that’s okay.

But I will be happy with being “not big as an hour or a day”.

For those of you not familiar with Zumba Fitness,

check out this video link…..

(I tried to embed the video but it wouldn’t embed correctly)

If you are thinking about doing Zumba fitness, don’t be discouraged that you do not know the steps or cannot keep up.

Start with the basics video where they teach the steps and stay with it until you feel comfortable enough to move on to the other videos.

Once you move on to the other videos don’t be discouraged that you cannot keep up. Just do what you can and eventually you will add more and more to your workout.

Remember no one is watching you and you can do as much or as little as you feel you can do.

You can do the same with any workout you may be doing.

I personally am following along with the Zumba Live video and after two months still can only do about 90% of it. Either because I don’t have the steps down yet or I just tire out. But I do as much as I can and am slowly adding in the Flat Abs video after it.

The worst thing you can do is look as something and automatically decide “I cannot do that”.

First look at it and ask “Can I do that?””Any of it?”

Then determine that you can do all or part of it and go for it.

Of course, you’ll want to check with your doctor and get his okay before starting any fitness program.

But you know your limits, just as I do.

Start slow and work up your stamina, just as I am doing.

And eventually I’ll not be “as big as a century”!!!

I know that I can lose weight by eating better and I have been changing my eating habits.

But I don’t just want to lose weight.

For me, being healthy and feeling better far outweigh the size of clothes I wear.

So, tell me, how do you lose weight and stay healthy.

I’d love to hear your advice or if you are doing a specific fitness program.

Disclaimer: The makers of Zumba have no idea who I am. I just wanted you to know how much I like this program from my own personal experience.