I found this to be an interesting article in the Old Farmers Almanac, 2009 edition.

Did you know that certain flowers, herbs and trees have symbolic meanings?

Well, I knew that roses did, but not really any others.

For instance Honeysuckle‘s symbolic meaning is Bonds of Love.

I knew there was more to them than just their sweet smell and tasty nectar!

Here’s another….

Basilgood wishes, love

And Pine –  humility



Do you have a favorite flower, tree or herb and want to see if it has a symbolic meaning?

Click here to go to their full list.

My favorite flower is a daisy and it’s not on their list.

Darn it.

I wonder what its meaning is???

Happy Monday,


6 comments on “Symbolic

  1. I always thought the willow resembled sadness…hince “weeping willow”. I looked at the site to find my favorite flower, but it wasn’t there. Anykind of lilly is my favorite and pink roses.

  2. I love that list. I have heard many of those before but the one I love is Rosemary. It means “remembrance” and I have one planted in my herb garden with a heart stepping stone beneath it that my daughter gave me before she passed away.

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