Wheelbarrows and Lettuce

Ever wanted to plant lettuce?

I have only planted it once. It was leaf lettuce and it tasted bitter, so I figured I wasn’t good at growing lettuce.

But I’m inclined to try again, since reading the Old Farmers Almanac’s tips on growing lettuce from the 2010 edition.

It’s roots need only a few inches of soil to grow in and can be planted in window boxes and other shallow containers.

Plant lettuce four weeks before the last frost for a spring harvest or 4 weeks before the first frost for a fall harvest.

Since the harvest is before the temperatures are warm enough to trigger a fertilizer release, fertilizer is not necessary.

Although, soaking with an occasional fish emulsion is recommended by experts.

When harvesting, use scissors to cut, starting with the outer leaves.

And harvest often to promote growth.

Also, hot temperatures caused the lettuce to turn bitter and bolt.

They suggested to grab a bag of potting soil, poke some holes in it, flip the bag over and cut a few holes in the top and plant the seedlings directly into the bag of soil.

Another suggestion was to put the bag into a wheel barrow so that it can be easily moved into and out of the sun.

And with the intense sun here in the south I think that is a great idea.

Maybe with this trick, I won’t have bitter lettuce this time.

This spring I may just be trying that lettuce growing again. If so, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Just one more reason why I love reading The Old Farmers Almanac.

Disclaimer: The Old Farmer’s Almanac has no idea who I am. I just love reading it and sharing the tips with those of you who do not.