New Year 2011

I trust that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

And in all the celebration I hope that you remembered to say Happy Birthday to Jesus.

After all it is the reason for the season.

Next up…New Year’s celebrations!

Are you ready to bring in the new year?

Have you made those resolutions? Or have you sworn off New Year’s Eve resolutions?

Do you have big plans for 2011?

We usually stay right here on the farm on New Year’s Eve.

It’s just safer that way.

But we usually have friends and family over to celebrate with us.

Whether you stay home or go out to celebrate….

Be safe!

From the gang here at Twisted Fencepost….

We wish all of you a prosperous, healthy and a very

Happy New Year!!!

Need A Break?

Sometimes I sit here at the computer doing homework until I get so sleepy I can’t hold my eyes open or I just get frustrated and need a break.

So I surf around on the internet for a bit. Or maybe I play one of those games on Facebook. Yes, I’m guilty.

A lot of the time I get caught up reading the news on Yahoo’s front page. Or watching the videos that pop up there.

For instance, have you seen those new little booties they have for dogs?

There have been several short videos of canine critters sporting their cute little booties.

In case you missed them you can go here and here and see a couple of them.  (provided the links work correctly, I’m not sure if the links will take you to the video itself or just to the web site where they’re posted. You many have to search a little for them. One is called “Maddie’s new booties” and the other is “Booba’s new yellow shoes”.)

It reminds me of putting tape on the bottom of a cat’s foot and watching them walk. Not that I would EVER do that. I’m just sayin’…….


And then there’s this video……

Seriously, if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

One of my favorite things to do is surf You Tube for funny animal videos.

Sometimes I laugh till tears are running down my face.

They are a good way to break away from a frustrating homework assignment and just enough to give the break I need.

So if you find yourself a little stressed out, hop over to You Tube and get yourself a bit of a breather.

We can all use a good laugh to get us back on track and back to whatever it was we were doing when we needed the break.


Fall Semester 2010








done, done, done!!




That means one full month with no assignments, deadlines or tests.


I am one step closer to completing my degree.


I have things to get done during that one month break.

Thinks like….

clean my house (it’s a wreck)

decorate for Christmas (I’m way behind)

give the dogs a bath (their little furry butts smell like…well…dog)

get my resume fine tuned ( I realize that  I haven’t actually finished up with the course…but no sense in waiting until the last minute, right?)

visit you (what has been going on with you? I checked my reader this morning….over 200 blog posts waiting for me)

And I’m gonna get to ALL that and more.

Right after I take a 72 hour nap.


Nitey, nite……

See ya soon!!