Easter 2016

A few years ago I went on a search for a giant slingshot.

I was so excited that I finally found one.

I know it says on the package that it’s for water balloons. And a small package of water balloons came with the sling shot. But who says it’s “JUST” for water balloons?

I had other plans of something more interesting to sling. Everyone dyes Easter eggs, right? And I guess some people actually “eat” all those eggs. But I had another idea. So I instructed everyone to bring their colored hard boiled Easter eggs.

And let me tell ya that I had some skeptics about slinging eggs with a giant slingshot, but once the fun started it was “all in” for everyone.

March2016 109

The package warns of 75 mph things hurling through the air. Ok, have you ever seen an Easter egg going 75 mph? LoL

Some of them came apart mid flight!

There were discussions, planning,  calculating….

March2016 045

And others in a holding pattern, asking “Did you get a picture yet?”

March2016 041

A lot of coaching….

March2016 066

I never dreamed they would have this much fun.

March2016 084


March2016 072

See the concentration?

March2016 074

Even the smallest of them enjoyed it!

March2016 025

So much happiness!

March2016 093

I’m telling you these kids have brought so much joy to my life…

March2016 092

This is a friend that stopped in for another reason. Little did he know that in an hour or so he would be hurling Easter eggs through the air at 75 mph.

March2016 080

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Slingshot selfies were posted too!

We had an Easter egg hunt for the younger children. The slingshot was planned for the older ones. But once the fun started everyone was involved. About 80 colored Easter eggs were slung through the air. And another 25 water balloons. We weren’t done having fun so we filled some of those balloons and sent them sailing.

The targets were helium filled balloons that danced with the wind.

March2016 034

This next shot….”Target, what target? Let’s see how far this baby will shoot!”

March2016 114

Even The Captain gave it a try.

March2016 120

Here we have a father/son shot in the making.

March2016 121

Easter is about our Risen Savior for which I am forever thankful that one day I will see his face and the scars he wears for all our sins and I will thank him and once again ask his forgiveness for the suffering he endured in order to give us eternal life.

But while I wait for that day I hope he looks down with a smile and maybe even a chuckle as we hurl Easter eggs at dancing balloons because now that we have broken in the slingshot I know it will be a family tradition.

Part of me wonders if my Mom, Dad and Brother had a front row seat watching and laughing at our antics. I like to think so! And I hope they had as much fun watching as we did slinging those eggs!

Happy Easter Everyone!


P.S. Thanks Kay for the idea!!


Are You Feelin’ It Too?

Recently, I opened my gmail account then clicked on the reader tab and a notification box popped up informing me that as of July 1, 2013 the Google Reader will cease to exist.

I’m thinking to myself…..”Hmmmm, I’ve got plenty of time to get those blog web addresses written down and decide which reader I will be using when the time comes to import all of my favorite blog addresses to a new reader.” And I went about my merry way.

This morning I sat down with my breakfast, opened my gmail account and was headed for my favorite blogs to do a little catch up and see what’s going on in your world. But the problem is that that the “reader” tab is missing.

“OH, NO!!”

Is it July 1st ALREADY?!

Have I lost 3 and a half months?

Was there an accident? Have I been in a coma? Did “The Men in Black” flash that little shiny thing at me and cause me to lose memory of some horrible incident that lasted for 3 and a half months?

I checked my wall calendar.


Hmmm….still set to March 2013.

Ok, then I checked my desktop calendar.


It says March 2013 also.

So I checked my cell phone.


It also says it’s March.

Is someone playing a cruel trick on me?

Or has Google jumped the gun and gotten rid of their reader a little early?

Maybe they are not sure what day it is. Or what month it is for that matter.

I miss my Google Reader!

Anyone else feelin’ it?

Happy Wednesday!