Smile – Signs

Lets take a walk around the farm and see what’s new.

The Tiger Lillies are sprouting.

The Tulips are just barely peeking.

The Daffodils are up.

I can’t wait to see their pretty faces.

When the Rabbit and I went walking only one Crocus was blooming.

The next day there were five of them in bloom.

All signs that spring is just around the corner.

This unseasonably warm February weather has me itching to get my hands dirty.

And all of this is making me smile this week!

So what is making you smile right now????

Happy Thursday!


2011 Wheedle Word 6

Last week the Wheedle Word  was….


Most of you are OVER the current winter weather scene.

And believe me I’m right there with you!

Honestly, winter is one of those necessary evils for several different reasons.

Yeah, the snow is beautiful. But once is enough to satisfy me. More importantly it makes me appreciate spring all the more.

How about a new Wheedle Word?

What does the word….


make you think of?

Happy Wheedle Day!


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