A New Hiding Place

I haven’t taken many pictures lately. And anyone who knows me knows that’s an odd thing for me. But I have taken a few pictures of things to share with you.

This is what they do with lost earrings at the college I’m attending.

It’s a live tree in a big flower pot that sets in one of the walkways inside the building. I thought it was a neat idea.

And one day while driving I couldn’t get over how beautiful the clouds were in the sky. So you know I had to take a picture or 20.

This is over a local cotton field after it had been harvested.

And this is traveling along the interstate.

You know that school has been out for my son and I during the holidays. The Captain always takes vacation from work during this time also. So I have been rather preoccupied for the last couple of weeks.

While he is on vacation we always pick out a big project that we would like to complete while we have the free time to spend on it.

Do you remember this picture of our shed we painted?

Which by the way is still only painted on the front.


Here is what the back side looks like now and is one reason for my absense here.

We do not have a barn here on the farm, although one day we hope to build one. So my horses have not had a decent shelter to hide in during the cold winter months. They do have the wooded part of the farm to go to. But it has been a burden on my heart every year as winter sets in.

This year we were determined to get this built before winter. We didn’t make the first snow fall of the year. But we did beat the first cold rain.

Over the years we have collected building supplies from one place or another. And it is what we used to get this under roof. The only cost was our time and a $15 box of nails.

Now the only problem is that the horses are so accustomed to hiding in the woods that they don’t realize they can hide in there.

It is located in the field that we opened up to them over the summer. They know it’s there.  When we finished, we opened the gate back up and let them explore. They weren’t impressed.

You know what they say…

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.


Hopefully, they will figure out they have a new hiding place soon and I can get some pictures of them……