What’s Her Problem?

The Captain, Boo and I were at a K-Mart shopping for school supplies and other things.

After shopping for what seemed like an eternity. I mean, how long can you spend in one store, anyway.

Boo decided on several supplies. Notebooks, pens…

We ran across their, end of the season, outdoor lawn furniture sale. Finding a good deal on outdoor chairs, we called for an associate to ask questions.

What seemed like forever, an employee showed up and promptly answered our questions, sent someone to the back to retrieve our new purchase.

He met us at the cash register.

The cashier, obviously, did not like me on sight.


I have no idea. I’ve never seen her before in my life.

I asked to make sure the price rang up at the sale price. After scanning the other chosen items, I then handed her a coupon I had picked up in the school supply area. She acted as if she had never seen this before. Saying she wasn’t sure they honored this coupon.

I politely stated that I picked it up from a stack on display in the school supply area.

She left to ask her supervisor. I waited.

For Goodness sake, it was displayed in their store. Had the store name on it. Why wouldn’t they honor it?

She came back saying that a certain item would not be included.

Let me explain this coupon…It was $4.00 off on $40.00 or more in school supplies.

I wasn’t exactly sure what dollar amount I had in school supplies and was not about to stand there and add them up in my head, when I knew the computerized cash register would match them up.

She had an attitude. And it was quickly getting under my skin.

The cash register deducted my coupon and I paid for my purchase.

As she handed me the receipt, she stated, “Have a good evening.”

And just stood there staring at me. There were people in line behind me, waiting.

You know how you can just “tell” when someone is issuing a challenging your way? Just staring at you for an extended period of time?

I said, “You have a nice evening, too”. And stared back.

We just stood there, staring. I was thinking, “What is her problem?”

I don’t know what she was thinking. I’d like to know. I didn’t say or do anything to offend her.

Finally, she looked away, and began concentrating on her next customer.

I walked away. But not until she looked away. No way was I backing down from whatever it was.

We loaded our purchases on the truck and left.

In the truck, I asked The Captain if he noticed the situation with the cashier.

He said, “Oh, yeah, I thought it was on, right there in K-Mart!”

So it wasn’t my imagination!

I’d go back and ask, but she probably doesn’t even remember me. Maybe I’ll go and stand near her and pay attention to see if she treats everyone that way.

I mean, if I offended someone, I’d like to atleast know what it is that I did or said.

That was 6 days ago, I’m still puzzled!

What would you do?

Stand there and stare.

Maybe, ask, “What?”

Or turn and walk away?

Just wondering.


6 comments on “What’s Her Problem?

  1. Oh I hate it when I get a cashier like that. I know it is hard to work with the public-because I’ve done it. But sometimes you do wonder about what’s up with the rude attitudes of some folks. I loved what the Captain said-sounds just like the Deer Hunter!

  2. I’m a “turn and walk away” t ype of girl. But if it EVER happened again, or I saw it happening to someone else, I would speak to the manager and perhaps write a letter. Letters usually get taken seriously because so few people really take the time to do it. (Which is also why a letter written in praise is a nice thing to do for someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty.)

  3. Hi there….
    That is exactly why I will not shop at Kmart. I had an incident several years ago….. (to make a long stoary sshort) I stopped in to pick up a long sleeve shirt for my daughter on her way to a little league game and we were in a huge hurry. Of course they onle had one checkstand open and a huge line. At the customer service center there were 7 employees standing there, playing around and laughing. I asked if someone could please open another register….and they refused. I lost it…threw a huge fit, called the manager out and very loudly told him this is why I will never step foot in this store again, I was so insensed by the whole ordeal that I wrote a letter to the corporate office…the regional manager called me and apologized and sent me a gift certificate. Now I will not stand for poor customer service…..if someone is rude I will not hesitate in letting the manager know. I was in management for over 20 years and I appreciated when someone took the time to let me know if my staff had been rude to them. But I also do not hesitate to let management when they have an exceptional employee that went above and beyond.

  4. Becky: There are times with people who are not treating you right that you just ignore them. Life is too short to worry why other people have a problem. If they really upset me I’ve been known to talk to the manager but that usually does no good. Live life to the fullest without letting these people ruin your day.

  5. I had something similar happen in Lowe’s recently when I told the cashier that the gentleman in appliances who sold me the nearly $1000 stove I was buying said…. She honestly didn’t know what to do and was very sweet. She turned to ask the cashier next to her how to ring it and that cashier said “she can’t have that discount.” I explained the guy in the back…she huffed and told us how to ring it up. The cashier I was working with looked amazed and said to me, “you’d think it was her money!” I laughed out loud. And when I left I told the huffy one, “God bless you in your work today.” Sincerely. ‘Cause I knew others behind me would need a blessing if they were working with her and ’cause I was hoping she would feel guilty! blessings, marlene

  6. I have to say that i usually don’t say much at all. I just do as you did and keep looking them in the eye without a word. It speaks volumes and they have always backed down. Fortunately I don’t run across very many people that with a smile and a hello they don’t do the same in return.

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