Charleston Critters

I kept running into little critters while in Charleston and decided I’d prepare a post dedicated to the little critters of Charleston.

We spent a lot of time outside at the campground, at the beach and around town.

A squirrel at the James Island County Park campground. I like to watch them scurrying about and jumping from tree to tree. Around here we call them tree rats or suicide squirrels.

 Crabs…large and small.

Baby crab.


They are funny in the water. They are brave little suckers. They will move away from you, but only so far and if you move toward them they don’t back down. They will lift their pinchers and prepare to battle.

The birds are so graceful flying and swooping. Dipping into the water for fish. If there is an afterlife, which I doubt, I want to come back as a bird.

Here is a pigeon, downtown Charleston.

Pigeon, at the Coastal Carolina Flea Market.

Crows perched high.

Pelican, Charleston Harbor.

Laughing Gull, Folly Beach.

Laughing Gull, eating lunch, Folly Beach.

It sounded as if they were laughing at me while I was trying to take their picture.

 After all, watching the little critters go about their day is sightseeing, too!

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