Can You Relate?

We have been gone, camping, four of the last five weekends.

To Charleston, SC, the first two weekends, and the week in between.

The third, I had to work, it was my Saturday.

The last two, at Lake Wateree, SC.

This coming Saturday, is my Saturday to work, again.

I work all day. When I get home the last thing I want to do is more work!

I have a yard that needs mowing.

A kitchen that needs cleaning.

Floors that need a little more than a sweeping.

Clothes to wash.

Things need putting in their place.

Food to cook. Critters to feed. Grocery, school supply and clothing shopping to do.

And everything else that needs doing around a busy household.

And when I get done with that…

I’ve gotta clean the camper….and get it ready for next time.

When the house gets messy, I get messy!

I go to bed every night, knowing there is more to be done. I think my subconscious is still trying to clean while I sleep.

The Captain helps when he can. He works a lot of hours, so his help time is limited.

Boo helps some, too.

Just when I think I’m getting caught up, off we go again. It awaits my return. Darn it! And then there’s the mess that comes back with me.

So I start over, again.

And then there’s the matter of…

I make a mess cleaning up another mess. It drives me mad! I hate having to do things over!!!

I want to do whatever “it” is and get it done.

Can you relate?

What’s keeping you so busy, you can’t keep up with the everyday stuff?




 C’mon, leave me a comment! Tell me you can relate! Tell me one day it’ll all get done!

But, don’t tell me it’ll never get done. I don’t think I could handle it. 



Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining!

I enjoy going camping! I enjoy the time away. I just get frustrated when I come home and there is so much to do.

I am thankful, that I am able to go, there may come a time when I am not.

And when and if that day comes, I will sit on my porch and enjoy the memories I’ve made!