Wait For Me!

Recently, while we were camping at Lake Wateree, as we were walking we noticed some people watching the lake and we could hear a dog barking.

Being the curious person that I am. I had to go see what was up.

What we found was this dog swimming in the lake.

The people were already on their boat, ready for a leisurely ride. But everytime they called the dog, he swam in the opposite direction.

That dog was having the time of his life. Swimming and barking his little head off. His tail was wagging steadily.

I guess the family decided that they were tired of waiting. The waited until he swam out from behind the boat. They backed out further into the lake. It was then the dog decided he wanted on the boat.

They stopped the boat and waited for him. Don’t worry, he had his little doggy life jacket on with the handle on top.

When he arrived at the boat, Dad grabbed the handle and pulled him aboard.

I thought to myself that he would be tired by the time he got there. But it appeared he was contemplating jumping in for another swim.

But when the boat started moving, he changed his mind.

I can still hear him barking and see his tail wagging, he was so happy he couldn’t contain himself.

It was a pleasant surprise to our walk.

5 comments on “Wait For Me!

  1. Many years ago I had friends that had a daschund that l.o.v.e.d. the water. That was before the days of pup life jackets, but it was always fun to watch his joy when I went with them to the lake. And I don’t know what it is with swimming and barking, but that little guy did it, too.

    Thanks for bringing that memory back to me.


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