Pet Peeves

This post is about my soap box.

Not something you will see here very often. I keep my soap box hidden from my sight, so I’m not tempted to climb up on a whim.

I only get it out when something is weighing me down.

This is my happy place. Where I share memories made or in the making with my new found blogging friends.

But on today’s post, I’m gonna climb up on my soap box and share a few of my pet peeves.

You know, cause sometimes you just gotta get things off your chest.

You are welcome to join in with me! We can use this post to spout off, get it off our chest and then get over it. I hope!

I’m climbing up and here we go…

Pet Peeve

People who leave toilet tissue (and other things) all over a public restroom floor. I was raised, if you mess it up, you clean it up. I sure wasn’t raised in a public restroom where there is STUFF all over the floor, all the time. Do people do this at home? Thank Goodness, that it’s none of my friends or family. I know this because I have been in a lot of their private restrooms and there is nothing on the floor except an occasional rug.

Pet Peeve

People who have to out run me to get in front of me when their lane is running out on the highways of this great country. I call it “Gotta Be First Syndrome”. One car in front of me, nothing behind me, in my lane. And they will come out of nowhere, fly past me and squeeze between me and the car in front of me. Geez! Gotta be first! And get all pissy if I close the gap before they get there, so they can’t squeeze in. People will flip me the BIRD. I wave and keep driving. Heh heh! Or they will blow the horn. Then I blow my horn and wave. Heh heh! Don’t get me wrong, I am a courteous driver, most of the time. I will move over and let people in, all the common courtesies. But when it’s a two-lane merging into a one lane and no one is behind me, it tends to irritate me just a little.

 Pet Peeve

People who belittle their children in public. I’m not even gonna mention the other things they do to children. That would take me a month of posts to talk about and would ruin my mood indefinitely. I have more than once embarassed an adult for treating their child shamefully in public. Ignoring the disbelief and approval looks of those standing around me. You know, the ones without the nerve to say anything. I mean, what are they gonna do, eat me. Just let them try! I am not normally an outspoken person. I prefer a more subtle approach to things. But when it comes to a child, I get more than a little outspoken.

Pet Peeve

People who ask stupid questions. Depending on the situation. Now, there are times when it’s just an honest question. And there are times when people are just being annoying. I am a busy person. Just like most everyone else. I don’t have time to play cat and mouse.

Pet Peeve

Rude people. I was standing in line at the DMV, along with about 15 other people. A lady in front of me, and about 6 people from the front of the line, stepped out of line and  stood by the window until someone walked away. Done her business and left. All the while, making comments about how she wasn’t standing in line. Not one of the people in line said a word, just stood there quietly and let her jump the line. Had she been behind me and jumped the line you bet I would have said something. Who is she to think my time is less important than hers. And what’s really bad, is her husband kept their place in line. Making comments about how he wasn’t stepping in front of all those people. Loud enough for everyone to hear. And as they were leaving, he was making comments about how all the people were gonna kick her butt. She said she didn’t care. These people were retirement age. Old enough to know better. I guess what really ticked me off the most was her arrogant attitude and how she didn’t care about anyone but herself.

Whatever happened to common courtesy?

The time when people cared about eachother?

About children?

Why does it take a catastrophe to bring the kindness out in people?

I guess it just shocks me to see how people treat eachother. My mother would have knocked me on my derrier if she had witnessed me saying an unkind thing to another human being!

I say, we take back America! And return to our small town heritage where people weren’t afraid to go out after dark!

Okay, I have to step down now and give someone else a turn.

Your turn.

What’s your pet peeves?

Let’s get it all out now so we can go back to the happy place!!!