Morning at Lake Wateree

Whether at home or at a campground, I am usually up in the morning before the rest of the crew.

On this trip, my Mother-in-law had run across a good deal on flip flops, knowing how I like my flip flops, she bought me a pair. She also bought herself, The Captain and Boo a pair. I put mine on and went off on my morning walk around the campground.

I like to walk around the campground while it’s still peaceful and quiet. I may run across a fellow camper just back from a try at catching a few fish or someone sitting quietly, waiting for their morning coffee to brew. But not too many are awake at this hour.

No doubt this coffe pot has seen its share of campgrounds.

Interesting, are the things people display at their campsites…

And it changes from day to day, as the campers come and go.

Wonder what this guy does for a living?

This is a windsock type of thing, I think it was my favorite on this camping trip.

Although, this came in a close second…

I like taking pictures while everyone is still asleep. Then I don’t have to deal with people asking why I’m taking pictures of their coffee pot or lantern.

Most of these pictures were taken from the road that leads around the campground. It’s considered rude to enter another campsite. Especially, while they are still sleeping. Although, I did sneak into a few for a better shot. But I hurried, for fear a shotgun or threatened dog may soon be pointed in my direction. Which explains, why a few of the pictures are a little fuzzy.

I always try to remember to bring something to do after my morning walk and while I wait for the rest of the crew to wake up.

Like a magazine or something to crochet.

Does this look familiar, Tipper?

If they don’t wake up soon, I’ll have to go for another walk or crawl back into bed with them.

I get sleepy sitting there, especially if I read.

If I go back to bed, they wake up and want me to get back up.

I tell them to go for a walk.

They want me along. So, off I go to welcome the morning, again.

I’ll take a nap later.