Needs No Introduction?

I visited Sunshine and Lemonade  yesterday, she had this meme posted. She really gets into those meme’s.

Me…not so much. But this one was intriguing.

How does this one work, you ask?

 Google, “your name” and the word “needs” after it and see what comes up.

So, I pulled up Google and typed in…Becky needs…and this is what I found.

Becky needs

a friend. Well, I can certainly use all the friends I can get. The more the merrier!

a man. No thanks. I’ve already got the best one anyone could ask for.

a sub. That one made me think. I could use a sub for work and stay home with my son, or sleep in a little longer, or my sub could do all my housework and cooking. That sounds like a really good idea.

NOTE TO SELF: Check into getting a sub!

good/clever ideas. That could come in handy when I’m racking my brain for something interesting to blog about. Or, what to fix for dinner.

a secret life. Hmmm, now that could get interesting. A secret agent. A cowgirl. A bounty hunter. A karaoke queen. An air marshall. I could think on this all day.

to get a life. Amen on that one! Seems I live everyone’s life but my own. Although, I’ve been working on that one already. Maybe, I could combine that last “Becky needs” with this one.

to speak. Naw, I have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth.

an exorcism. I’ll admit I’m a little strange at times. But an exorcism?? About the only thing you would get out of me is a hairball.

a bullet in her head. Well, I guess it could take up some of that empty space.

a vacation. I just returned from vacation. But I could use another.

information. Hmmm…well if I get enough information then I would have no need for the above mentioned bullet.

massive amounts of money. Oh yeah! In small unmarked bills, please.

no introduction. I don’t think I’m that popular yet.

And last but not least…

all the help she can get. I didn’t know Google Earth zoomed in far enough to see how far behind I am with my housework? They need to stop that!

I didn’t realize I had so many needs.

And you know what…

They are not the needs I had in mind.

I’m gonna have to go rethink this whole “needs” thing.