My World-Closer To Home

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Welcome to Becky’s World, here on the farm.

This post is of things a little closer to home.

I see hay bales everywhere.


Cotton fields.


My bed linens drying outside.


Things I grow.



Pompass Grass.


Birdhouse gourds.


Critters, great and small.

My horses.


Cows, dotting the fields, nearby.


A black snake hunting for a meal.


A stubborn rabbit.


A donkey.


And something we are all in search of.



These are pictures of My World, as I see it almost daily.

Hop on over to the “My World” site and with just a few clicks you can see the world.

One I Cherish

I took these pictures while in Charleston, South Carolaina.

At the South Carolina Aquarium.

They have a large enclosed area with these Great Blue Herons and other types of birds.

I know it’s cheating but…

This is the only way I will be able to get a close up shot of any bird with my point and shoot camera.

Not that I’m complaining. I love my camera. It takes some pretty good shots.

Cameras have come a long way. I love my digital cause I can keep snapping pictures until I get a good one. And it doesn’t cost a fortune in film.

And I can review them and find out if I have a good one or not.

Not like when I was young or my parents were young.

Like this picture of my Dad and his pet duck.

Picture taking was not a common practice back then. Not like in today’s world.

Wish I knew who took this picture. I am forever greatful to them!

There are not many of him in his younger days.

This is one I cherish.

Give ya three guesses what I did this weekend.

Give up?

I put my “new” lawn furniture together.

And sat around a bon fire.

Not necessarily in that order.

I’ll have more on that in a couple of days.