Spring In My Step

I have this problem.

I don’t sleep.

Well, I sleep, but don’t rest.

We bought a new mattress. It didn’t seem to help.

As each day goes by, I sleep less and feel worse. It has really began to wear me down. It shows on my face and in my mood.

I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around.

Sad. But true.

Last Sunday, we bought one of those memory foam pads for our bed. In a desperate attempt to help me get some rest.

And for the rest of my family, to get some peace.

To make me stop yelling at them everytime they  got in my way. Yes, it has been that bad.

When you are tired and don’t feel up to par…

patience wears thin and tempers flare.

Only for the first few hours of the day, do I feel halfway decent. After that, I am not responsible for my actions.

Enough about that!

We bought this thing for our bed…


I put it on the bed, Sunday night. And Monday morning…

I could tell a difference. I didn’t wake up with a headache. Which is, by far, most important. Getting up with a headache sets the mood for the day.

Which is something I was experiencing atleast every other day. Sometimes every day.

I wasn’t exhausted by noon. I actually had enough energy to make it through most of the day.

While I’m not back to where I should be…

I am definitely on the way.

I can’t wait to go to bed at night, just to see how well I’ll sleep. And how much better I will feel in the morning.

I’m getting a little more spring in my step and I’m not quite as quick to lose my temper. Which is a blessing for my family.

Honestly, I think they were plotting my demise and I couldn’t have thwarted it any sooner. I believe my end was near. On more than one occasion did I turn a corner only to see surprised looks and total silence.

Yes, they were plotting.

But now, they are happy.

Now that I’m a little happier.

Cause everybody knows…

If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!!!