Move-in Ready

I’ve had birdhouses on my mind lately. Actually, these plans have been in my mind for a long while and I finally got myself outside and put those plans into action.

I’ve had an old mailbox lying around outside and I knew I was keeping it for something but I just didn’t know what. For the longest time I forbid myself to use it for anything because my son used it in his outside play area for a garage.

But now that he’s grown and in need of a much larger garage I am free to do what I please with the old mailbox. And I think that a little bird family will be very happy with it come spring. Don’t you?


Also, this old teapot has been around a long time. A friend gave it to me as a wedding gift years ago. That friend passed away several years ago and I just can’t seem to part with it. Once it was unusable in the kitchen it became a flower pot. Then the rust made it not very appealing as a flower pot. I don’t think the birds will mind a little rust on their new home this spring. They might even think it adds a little character.


My Captain and Boo helped me get these put up over the weekend. I know it will be awhile before spring gets here, but I wanted them up before spring arrived in hopes that little bird families will find them just perfect and move right in.

I love reusing things so they are not thrown in a dump somewhere wasting away. A what better way to use them than for birdhouses?

What kind of unusual things have you repurposed into a birdhouse? You never know you might give me an idea for something else I have lying around outside that I just can’t seem to part with.

Happy Monday!



2013 Backyard Series 1

Over the weekend outside my back door I noticed this hawk sitting on a fence post.


He has inhabited the farm for several years and I have tried numerous times to snap a picture of him.

If you’ve been visiting here long then you know that I love to watch the birds go about their day here.


Hunting for food from atop their perch, then swooping down in hopes of catching their next meal. And after a failed attempt, he returns to his post to begin the hunting process again.


I don’t know what kind of hawk this is. Do you?

Still, I am fascinated with their patience and envious of their freedom to fly high where their heart desires.

Happy Wednesday!


A Little Privacy Please

In a tree near my back porch there hangs a birdhouse gourd. It’s one I grew, cleaned out and painted. The paint is fading but otherwise it’s still in good condition.

Walking up onto the porch one day I noticed it moving. It’s hard to see but there is a bird in there. I got excited because birds were setting up a nest in one of my birdhouse gourds and I got to see them.

I started snapping pictures.

And they abruptly left to find a more private home for their nest.


Guess I should have been a little more discreet.

Happy Tuesday!