One I Cherish

I took these pictures while in Charleston, South Carolaina.

At the South Carolina Aquarium.

They have a large enclosed area with these Great Blue Herons and other types of birds.

I know it’s cheating but…

This is the only way I will be able to get a close up shot of any bird with my point and shoot camera.

Not that I’m complaining. I love my camera. It takes some pretty good shots.

Cameras have come a long way. I love my digital cause I can keep snapping pictures until I get a good one. And it doesn’t cost a fortune in film.

And I can review them and find out if I have a good one or not.

Not like when I was young or my parents were young.

Like this picture of my Dad and his pet duck.

Picture taking was not a common practice back then. Not like in today’s world.

Wish I knew who took this picture. I am forever greatful to them!

There are not many of him in his younger days.

This is one I cherish.

Give ya three guesses what I did this weekend.

Give up?

I put my “new” lawn furniture together.

And sat around a bon fire.

Not necessarily in that order.

I’ll have more on that in a couple of days.




11 comments on “One I Cherish

  1. If point and shoot is cheating I guess I’m guilty as well. I too love the fact that I can take a whole bunch of pictures and not be wasting money. These are great shots!

    I really like the old one of your father. I have a collection of old photos I was able to scan. I just love the old family pictures.

  2. The old black and white photos are the best. If I’m not mistaken aren’t you the one who ordered the lawn furniture and they messed up the order, finally got it straightened out and you said it would arrive but too late to enjoy because of the cooler weather?

  3. Becky: I agree with how neat the digital cameras work. I take a lot of bad photos when trying to get flying birds. Do you know what a photo of gray skies look. Well, not real nice. Every once in a while you get a special shot and you save that one. Nice photos of the heron and loved the one with Dad and the duck.

  4. I like the picture of your dad and the heron pictures. I have a few pictures my son took of a great blue heron that visits the creek in front of our house. About a month ago I posted the pictures on my sight , I think they are so elegant.

  5. I bet I take thousands of photos and am lucky if I get a few good ones. But I do love digital and am thankful for it. Great shots by the way and I love the one of your dad.

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