See, I Told You!

In October, I showed you pictures of how this house goes all out with the decorations for Halloween.

On November 3rd, The Captain drove by this house again and discovered that they had put Halloween away.

And brought out Christmas.


In the picture above you can see they still have their Autumn display out.

If you go back and look at my Halloween post, you will see the same Autumn display.

Below, they have an inflatable turkey displayed along with Santa and his sleigh.


If you notice in the picture below you can see, on the porch, a witch. Or maybe it’s a wizard. I’m not sure.

It was dark when I was there before, and I didn’t notice it.


Below are several Christmas decorations and a headless choir.


That’s right. I said a headless choir.

Can’t tell? Look at the picture below. There’s no doubt about it. The choir is headless.


I’m wondering if something just isn’t finished or if they just aren’t ready to give up Halloween?

There were tombstones in that spot just last week.



Witch (or wizard)…

Either way…

They have three holidays displayed at once.

Now that’s what I call holiday spirit!!!