My World – Kudzu

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Kudzu is part of my world.

During the summer months it is everywhere in the untamed country.


It’s invasive and hardy.


It lays like a blanket over the natural vegetation. Climbs poles and trees.

The lighter colored leaves you see in the picture below, are Kudzu.


It’s more prevalent in the South. Along with Spanish Moss which you see more of further South of me.

That, in the photo below, is a blanket of Kudzu lying across the land and climbing the pole.


It doesn’t survive the winter. Along with the other vegetation it withers and dies with the first autumn frosts, as in the photo below.


It is one of the first things to die back because it covers the other vegetation.

But come spring, it will be back with a vengence, determed to take control and completely dominate all other forms of vegetation.

I hope you enjoyed  a little glimpse into my world.

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