Definitely Outdone

The Captain, while out driving for work, came across this Halloween yard.

And he held true to his promise that he would take me back to see it.

Please excuse some of the pictures. They are not clear for various reasons.

The purple on top of the house is a giant spider.

I lightened the picture a little so you could see it better.

This witch rose and fell into the cauldron.

I think this and the next are older decorations. I could be wrong. But I like them anyway.

They have a rather large cemetery in their front yard.

They definitely outdone me by a landslide.

That’s fine with me. I enjoy going to visit and see what other people have done for the holiday. It gives me ideas.

I didn’t get to do as much as usual. But my son, Boo, is happy with it and that’s what counts!


11 comments on “Definitely Outdone

  1. Our one daughter would love this display. Her husband is into Halloween, so they always put out some kind of display and I’m always amazed no one steals it.

  2. The best things about other people decorating:
    a) they get to put it out and take it in
    b) they get to store it
    c) it always feels fresh and new to you when you drive by
    d) you don’t have to store it
    e) you don’t have to take it all down after the holiday is past
    f) it doesn’t collect dust in your garage/attic
    g) did I mention you don’t have to put it out either?

    Al around – it’s a good thing. GO NEIGHBORS!!!

  3. That was definitely done by someone who loves Halloween.
    I almost cried when I saw the witch. Yes, she is older. We had one just like her that used to sit in our front yard when the kids were small. We hadn’t put her out in years and donated her when we moved last fall. She had lost much of the paint. It was every bit of at least 20 years old.
    Do you know my doorbell rang tonight and it was my neighbors two kids (the only ones we get) – trick or treat was tonight, not tomorrow because of, get this, the Friday night football games! I didn’t realize and didn’t have my usual only Halloween night stuff out. I was so disappointed.

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