Team Fencepost Card Poll

My Mother and Father-in-law have been out in the mid-west visiting family and friends.


While there visiting, they play cards with the friends (Hubcap and Tallulah) that they played cards with before they moved to the southeast.

And before, they adopted a daughter-in-law that is a lousy card player.


Because they are addicted to cards. I really must find them some help. Do any of you know if there is a “Cards Anonymous” group that meets weekly?

They have a great time playing cards, visiting and catching up on all they’ve missed since the last visit.

They talk about families and how the kids are growing, friends, the weather, all sorts of things.


they talk about me. How do I know this?

Because while The Captain was talking to his parents, via Ma Bell, the other night…

they were at their friend’s house playing cards and Hubcap asked to talk to The Captain.

He began to tell The Captain how “I” was a lousy card player. In fact, that I am the worst card player ever to sit down at a card table.


I have never played cards with Hubcap. And I have only met him once. So how does he know how bad I am at cards?

I’ll tell ya how…

either my Mother-in-law spent her whole visit complaining about how I am the worst card playing partner ever.


my Father-in-law spent his whole visit bragging about how he and the guys beat the socks off us ladies every Saturday night.

Well, it just so happens that these friends will be visiting us, here in South Carolina, soon.

And you know we will be playing cards.

The Captain informed Hubcap that when they get here, he (Hubcap) would be “MY” card playing partner!

Hubcap was not amused.

Heh, heh!

This is where TEAM FENCEPOST comes in. I need the assistance of my teammates on this issue.

Thanks to WordPress! They just added this new feature. A poll. Yes, you get to vote for me or Hubcap.

Should Hubcap take his chances, be on my team, in hopes that my luck is in fact changing?

Or should he ditch me and stay with the guys?

C’mon teammates, I’m counting on you! Say it like it is!

After my recent wins on Tipper and The Fishing Guy’s blogs, I feel my luck may be changing.

And Hubcap, if your computer challenged self would, by chance, ever find and read this post. My words to you are…





(Little do they know, that I have been practicing my “luck” skills. I have perfected the art of drawing the right card off the deck. Yes, I practice day and night. And I am getting better all the time.)

(insert evil laugh)