Cherry Place Farm, part 2

I told you about our recent trip to a local pumpkin patch. At Cherry Place Farm.

Here are more pictures I took while there. In the first post, I concentrated mostly on profiling the Pumpkin Patch.

This post is mainly just miscellaneous pictures I took while there.

They have many interesting things tacked up inside the barn.

And sitting around inside.

And chickens running around all over. Which I spent my time following.

If you notice that foot action in this one, you’ll see that she was scratching the ground.

The chicken behind her was following behind and checking out the scratching.

This would have been a great shot if I hadn’t cut off part of the chickens head.

I thought this rooster had beauiful coloring.

This barn cat found himself a warm place for a nap. Made me wonder if this is a regular napping spot.

Field corn, ready for picking, in the corn maze.

I do hope you enjoyed another trip around Cherry Place Farm.