Look What Landed In My Yard

We started decorating for Halloween this weekend.

I’m not gonna show you everything now. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

This is my holiday tree. It’s fiber optic. It stays out year round. I decorate it for the holidays and seasons.

It was a Christmas gift from The Captain and Boo.

There are spiders living in my holiday tree.

Kinda looks a little creepy here, don’t it?

I made those spiders with pipe cleaners, google eyes and a feather boa.

I just love this happy little ghost. He’s fiber optic.

And look what crashed in my yard. I’m too scared to go help her.

Her feet and legs keep moving around and I keep hearing muffled curses.

I’m afraid if I go too close, she’ll cast a spell and turn me into a frog or something.

I’ll just let her be for now.

Maybe some unsuspecting someone will come along and take the chance, by helping her.

There’s more. Come back. You might see a haunted house or two.

And if by chance, I don’t come back, you’ll know I got too close. (Ribbet)