Flags and Bags

I cannot stop at ANY store, and not check out their Halloween display.

The Captain and Boo know if we go in somewhere, we are gonna look. They have the choice to look with me, (which they usually do) or they can go off somewhere else. Sporting goods, automotive, video games…

This is Boo’s Halloween flag. He’s a big fan of Scooby-Doo. Me, too!!!

I have picked up more ideas from stores than anywhere else. I carry a notepad, in case I need to take notes or sketch a picture.

Take this, for instance…

Everybody has those elastic bags that you store plastic grocery bags in. But not many have seasonal ones.

I do, because I made them. So does my daughter and daughter-in-law. I made them, too.

I like doing things with my hands. And I like, even more, giving away things I make.

Do you get ideas from stores and take notes?

Do you then go home and make them?

One of my favorite bloggers gave me an award.

Me! An award!


The Fishing Guy posted this award on his site, for me and a few others.


Awww, shucks! I am humbled.

I am just amazed that I am actually in a catagory with THEM!

I have bowed to their greatness. Am I now considered their equal?

I don’t think so. But I will relish in the recognition and pretend I am equal with such greatness!

Fishing Guy with his expert nature shots. And his great concert shots.

Which by the way, he likes the same music as I. Country!

Go check him out!

And when ya get done there…

He and several others are hosting a weekly adventure called “My World”.

Go check it out, too!

Thanks, Fishing Guy!