Updates: Hardware, Ants and Halloween

Remember when I was complaining about the missing lawn furniture hardware? The manager ordered some hardware for it. I was told I would have it within eight weeks.

It’s been nine weeks and I still don’t have the hardware. I called yesterday. Of course he doesn’t remember! 🙄

He re-ordered. It’s supposed to be shipped out the first week in November.

Do you think he ordered it the first time I called?

I doubt it!

Told you the snow would be flying and it would be too cold to use when I got the hardware to put it together. I wonder if I could use my psychic abilities in other aspects of my life. Like…choosing the winning lottery numbers. Maybe I need to concentrate a little harder while filling in the numbers.

I’ll get back to you on that.

Back in the summer, we had a problem with red ants. All over my house. I had the ant dude come out and spray. One problem solved. No ants. Yippee!!! I won’t be locked away after all, due to those pesky ants driving me insane.

Now it’s time for the field mice to start looking for a warm place to take up residence. As a matter of fact they’ve already started. I think one had babies. We started seeing them quite frequently. Not any more. I declared war! And won!! (so far)

Oh, The Captain spends his days driving, for work. He found what he calls a really cool Halloween display, somewhere in this town we call home. And he has promised to take me to see it this weekend.

I can’t wait!!

I’ll get back to you on that, too!

So, what’s new in your corner?