The Darkness Is Deafening

Autumn is…

 when things wind down.

The harvesting is completed. The canning is finishing up. The days get shorter.

Everyone begins to settle in for the winter. Relaxing by bon fires. Visiting with friends.

But around here…

 about this time…

things get loud.

As the night begins to fall…

The creatures begin to stir.

A coyote howls off at a distance.

At dusk, this poor soul begins to stir.

 He whimpers and whines and by dark he’s moaning. He wants out and he’ll let no one rest until he’s released or darkness gives way to the light of day.

And this guy. 

He yells at everything that moves. Warning them to “STAY OUT”! Even the bats get scolded, as they whiz by.

I’m telling ya, things get creepy this time of year.

I’ve had reports of a witch flying around at night. Although, I haven’t witnessed it myself. There are people who swear they’ve had to run for cover or be sentenced to a life of misery, living in a witches attic. With only spiders for food and gulping swamp water to quench a never ending thirst.

Her cackling can be heard for miles, as she flies under the cover of night.


They say she’s looking for her little sister.

Then there’s the incessant, mocking laughter of this creepy little terror.

At dusk, he begins to giggle. By dark, he is laughing.

So loud and annoying that it will make even the calmest of souls, lose their mind. He hides and he laughs. He never comes out. Is he luring something or someone? Is he inviting his kind to join him? Why does he laugh?

There are earsplitting shrieks coming from the darkness. From what, I don’t know. Could it be an owl? Or something worse? Something too horrible for the human mind to fathom?

And don’t forget about her unremitting, muffled curses as she tries to release herself from the earth that’s holding her captive.

Could she be the little sister?