Quite a few of my pictures I get while I’m out on the road.

Of course, I get more pictures when The Captain drives. And he is such a good sport, supporting me in my adventures. He’ll stop, pull over, or whatever it takes, for me to take a picture. Waving cars around. Turn the truck around and go back. Whatever.

But often, I am driving myself. The thing is, my camera is most always ready. Yes, even while I’m driving.

I just point it in the appropriate direction and click. If I get a good picture, great. If not, oh well. I’ll try another time.

Occasionally, I’ll run across something unexpected. I point and shoot, hoping for the best.

Like this…


I was driving along when the horse and buggy topped that hill. I pointed and snapped. It’s not the greatest picture.

But, I was happy when I got home, downloaded the picture, and realized it was a halfway decent picture. Good enough to share with you.

I wish I’d had my camera set to take continuous pictures. The look on that lady’s face was priceless. Evidently, she saw the flash from my camera.

Between trying to guide that horse and keep looking back at my truck. It was funny.

I wonder what was going through her mind?

“Did I just see a camera flash?”

“Did someone just take a picture of me?”

“What’s she doing taking pictures and driving at the same time?”

And can you imagine her line of thought as she was riding along.

“That’s why there are so many wrecks. People taking pictures while driving!”

It’s not like I’ve got the camera up to my eye, looking through the lense. I just point and shoot. I mean, that’s the purpose of a point and shoot camera, right?

I can multi-task.

Atleast, I don’t put make-up on while I’m driving.

I was just wondering…

Does anyone else do this?